The Leslie Inc. Story

Discover Leslie’s Path of Healing
The Leslie Inc. Story

Leslie Inc. was founded on the mission of providing holistic spiritual, mental, and emotional intelligence guidance, training, and resources to professionals all over the world. This premise fits within the vision to empowering leaders to create a world they love bringing happiness to their homes, workplaces, and the world.

Finding My Happy State

Getting comprehensive mental, emotional, and spiritual guidance shouldn’t have to be a painful journey.
I searched everywhere looking for answers to why I was feeling so scared and how I could heal myself.

Depression & Anxiety Hit Me Hard

I was a successful and happy executive career coach. Then, I was crushed by postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of my first child.

I was lost and frightened by the scary thoughts and uncontrollable feelings that overwhelmed me. In spinning confusion and debilitating anxiety, I looked everywhere for answers to make it all stop.

Looking For Answers

I sought out many psychics, counselors, healers, and doctors – and it became clear that they were not emotionally invested in my success. And, as soon as the clock ran out of time, they were pushing me out the door.

I found that psychics were either unprofessional or vague, counselors went in circles with no major insight and direction, and doctors were too focused on the physical symptoms without getting to the core of the issue. Even Eastern medicine practitioners were doing exotic treatments without explaining why and how their methods work.

The last straw was when one doctor brushed me off and said, “I’m not Dr. House. There is nothing physically wrong with you.  I’m not going to help you figure out why you feel this way.” I had enough of the goose chase and the run around. This all changed the way I saw getting help for life’s hardest and scariest transitions.

While it may have taken me so long to find myself and realize my gifts, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Let’s make the journey to your happy place easier, calmer, and quicker.
My psychic abilities help my clients open doors to their soul to rediscover themselves again.

The Truth Set Me Free

It took two years for me to find my way to the truth that the depression opened a door to my intuitive abilities and healing strengths. This realization forever changed my career path as an executive coach. I soon realized there was no going back. Only forward.

Today, I use my intuitive skills as a psychic medium to read past lives, auras, and communicate to with spirits so I can reveal the spiritual and emotional sources for stress, anxiety, and fears. I don’t want my executive clients to go through painful experiences for longer than necessary.

Feel Better Now

I want to help executive clients feel better now – not later – with simple energy healing techniques they can do on themselves long after they’ve left my office.

And,  I help my clients with strategic coaching during sessions so they can get real results in their lives.

That’s why Leslie Inc is so different and that’s what makes working with me so special.

While it may have taken me so long to find myself and my happy place, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Let’s make the journey to your happy place easier, calmer, and quicker.
Leslie Inc. is the place to get answers for the whys and get strategies for the hows.

Your Personal Guide To Your Happy State

Get a caring guide who understands where you are and how you feel. Everyone deserves to understand the spiritual, emotional, and mental reasons why their physical experience is so stressful. They also requires the right tools and strategies to get to the next level.

Have a trusting companion who can teach you practical happiness skills, will not judge where you are, and is dedicated to getting you to your happy place.

Move Forward Without The Runaround

Your time and resources are precious. Over 10 years, I noticed that my average executive coaching client sees me a total of 6 hours in a year, usually when they are in a time of major transition in 4 core areas of life – career, finances, relationships, emotional well-being.

You may not always need me on your journey, but you’ll always use the insight, advice, and tools on the path ahead. I want to make sure you’re confident and prepared to press on.

I condensed these intensively healing 6 hours into 4 Guide Packs to give you the essential insight, strategies, and direction to get you to your happy place.

Don’t Waste Another Moment of Your Life In A State Of Misery.

The search stops here. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

Find Your Happy Place.