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How Did Leslie Find Her Happy Place

Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is founder, President of Leslie Inc and Chief Happiness Officer. Since 2008, she has been the trusted career and life coach to professionals all over the world. She has helped over 30,000 professionals through her work, speaking engagements, articles, and recordings. She is the host of The State of Happiness podcast. Creator of The Happiness Decks digital app. Self-help author. She is an emotional intelligence expert, an energy psychology practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and gifted intuitive. She is a lifelong Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

Ana Gomez, VP of Development

Ana is VP Development of Leslie Inc.. She oversees the development of the Leslie Inc. brand, products, and partnerships for WorkHAPPY workshops & retreats. Ana Gomez and Leslie Juvin-Acker have been best friends for over 20 years.

Ana has a Masters of Arts Management from Carnegie Melon University, a Masters from the University of Bologna in Culture Management and Economics. She also has a Bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Women's Studies from Florida International University.

Ana has 15 years of professional experience in group sales, event management and coordination, and business development. She also worked for Miami International Film Festival and the Women's International Film and Arts Festival. She is also presently Manager of Group Sales at the New York Botanical Garden.

Count on Ana to help you create an exceptional Leslie Inc. group experience and build a bridge between your brand and Leslie Inc.

To reach out to Ana for business opportunities and training with Leslie, reach out at workhappy @leslieinc.org


Josh Simpson

Josh hailed from the same Osprey nest as Leslie's at University of North Florida in Fine Arts with concentration in graphic design and digital media. He grew up self-taught in web development and honed his skills and experiences further along with his disabilities to become the Digital Accessibility Engineer. From time to time, he is the Nerdcock in residency when it comes to factual memory dump those few lucky ones gets to listen in and learn something or two.

For the fun stuff, Josh has been known to be the "Josh of All Trades" because of his fast, motivated drive to seek answers in every aspect and form. He has done some crazy stuff already including making rocket parts for the highest amaeteur rocket in the Western hemisphere, nearly struck by lightning six times, became the first youngest cochlear implant recipient, mentored over hundreds of STEM high school graduates from robotics, found the full truth of his obsession with Titanic before the movie/hype converged, and many more.

For all of your technological biddings, technical questions, design correspondences, or simply send Josh on a NERDCOCK-SMACKDOWN (Why don't you ask him what it is?), please send Josh an email to nerdcock[@]leslieinc.org Resident Nerdcock.


Hello and welcome! It’s my privilege to share my story with you and thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me.

I grew up in a unstable environment not knowing when my dad would burst into violent rages and shame spirals. I was afraid to go home and often ran away to avoid the control and domestic violence. We lived hand to mouth, often moving from one roach infested trailer to the next.NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

The one thing that always there within me was hope. And I realized at a young age that the power of imagination could shape my future.

My life is proof that nothing is impossible to overcome as I have gone through hunger, abuse, being broke, postpartum depression to a wonderful, purposeful and blessed life with my husband and two kids with a business that makes real, personal change that people can see and feel.

What kept me going is that unquenching thirst and vision that I am here to help as many people as possible to end suffering and find happiness. There are strangers who have touched me profoundly by giving me a meal, donated a caring ear and their time, or let me sleep under their roof when I was a troubled teen and I just want to give back to society, serve the people because like those strangers, I care about making a difference.


Over the last ten years, I have helped hundreds of clients who came to me during painful and frightening times in their lives such as periods of unemployment, divorce, custody battles, bankruptcy and many others who have experienced ultimate pains such as child molestation, murdered family members, suicide attempts, and the loss of a child.

I have shown thousands their inner strength and have reached the soul of each person with an inspiring reminder that there is a future that is worth living. And, there exists a hope that to achieve greatness in the face of tragedies past. I work tirelessly on my craft of understanding human needs to guide others on their way back to happiness.

Through my years of experience as a coach in conjunction with my unique intuitive abilities to see past, present, future I will bring to the surface your resourcefulness, your fulfillment to grow and contribute for a rich life to you and your love ones and potentially more.

Make the decision to let me help you shape your destiny and I will teach you the power of changing your life to create a life full of happiness and abundance.


I was a successful and happy executive career coach. Then, I was crushed by postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of my first child.

I was lost and frightened by the scary thoughts and uncontrollable feelings that overwhelmed me. In spinning confusion and debilitating anxiety, I looked everywhere for answers to make it all stop.


I sought out many psychics, counselors, healers, and doctors – and it became clear that they were not emotionally invested in my success. And, as soon as the clock ran out of time, they were pushing me out the door.

I found that psychics were either unprofessional or vague, counselors went in circles with no major insight and direction, and doctors were too focused on the physical symptoms without getting to the core of the issue. Even Eastern medicine practitioners were doing exotic treatments without explaining why and how their methods work.

The last straw was when one doctor brushed me off and said, “I’m not Dr. House. There is nothing physically wrong with you.  I’m not going to help you figure out why you feel this way.” I had enough of the goose chase and the run around. This all changed the way I saw getting help for life’s hardest and scariest transitions.


It took two years for me to find my way to the truth that the depression opened a door to my intuitive abilities and healing strengths. This realization forever changed my career path as an executive coach. I soon realized there was no going back. Only forward.

Today, I use my intuitive skills as a psychic medium to read past lives, auras, and communicate to with spirits so I can reveal the spiritual and emotional sources for stress, anxiety, and fears. I don’t want my executive clients to go through painful experiences for longer than necessary.


I want to help executive clients feel better now – not later – with simple energy healing techniques they can do on themselves long after they’ve left my office.

And,  I help my clients with strategic coaching during sessions so they can get real results in their lives.

That’s why Leslie Inc is so different and that’s what makes working with me so special.


Get a caring guide who understands where you are and how you feel. Everyone deserves to understand the spiritual, emotional, and mental reasons why their physical experience is so stressful. They also requires the right tools and strategies to get to the next level.

Have a trusting companion who can teach you practical happiness skills, will not judge where you are, and is dedicated to getting you to your happy place.


Your time and resources are precious.  Leslie provides holistic training and coaching so that you won’t need her forever. We are not about building dependence on a person to make every decision in your life. We focus on helping you build your own creative abilities so that you can use your own imagination and intuition to success.

You may not always need me on your journey, but you’ll always use the insight, advice, and tools on the path ahead. I want to make sure you’re confident and prepared to press on.

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