Meet Happy Campers who have found their Happy Place thanks to Leslie’s guidance and training.

​Communicate Your Best Message

Leslie is one of those unique individuals you are better for knowing. Her innate positive nature, coupled with her communication skills and marketing talents belie her young age. Equally as adept at developing strategies as she is implementing them, Leslie works with a great deal of integrity. She is the ideal person to help you figure out your message and how to best put it. Though light-hearted and possessing of a terrific sense of humor, she is serious about her work, which always translates into great success for those who utilize her talents. – AB, President, Bollotta Entertainment

Think And Feel Differently

You make me think and feel differently, but all in positive ways. You’re a calming force. – L.G., Nurse

It’s Fun Facing Scary Changes

You are gifted, bold and courageous, when tackling the challenges of people. Always, always generous with your insights. And it’s fun facing scary changes having Leslie on my side.

Changed My Life

Leslie changed my life! I think of her as the “dot-connector” ; by that I mean she connected the dots for me that I hadn’t previously connected in my life. I recommend her fully and earnestly. – Candace T., Manager

Put Anxiety At Bay

I get perspective, insight into cycles of behavior, and some calming techniques and exercises to put anxiety at bay. – D.B., Producer

In The Now

Leslie has a deep intuitive skill that reaches your soul and your heart in a way I’ve never experienced before.  She gives functional advice that can be applied in day to day life, not in the future, or the past, but in the now which is most helpful.  Highly recommend her! – J.K., Speech Pathologist

Break Down Barriers

Thanks to Leslie, I’m gaining the courage I need to get back to my greatest love in life, to living my dream and being my true self.  In just one session with Leslie I was able to connect the dots on so many levels in my life and see how past lives and experiences in this life have affected me.  With that knowledge, it’s easier to break down the barriers that appear to be holding me back and move forward so that I can live the life I deserve, the life that is my birthright, the life that will allow me to serve my highest and greater good. –  A.A., Actress, Voice Over Talent

A New Career And Life

Leslie helped me understand my potential through getting in touch with my spirit to change careers in a late stage in my life. Her work with me made me connect in ways I didn’t see possible on my own. Every time I’m on the phone or on with a love group we always make a connection which leads me to a better understanding. Also, after working with Leslie on my resume each time I sent to a prospective company I got noticed. Thank you Leslie to helping me to a new career and life on the coast. – J.D., District Sales Manager, FireRock Building Materials

Confidence & Peace of Mind Through The Transition

When I was transitioning from KLING to Groupe YNA you helped give me both confidence and peace of mind throughout the transition. – A.E., Groupe YNA

On The Right Path

Leslie by far, has surpassed by ethereal bounds, each and every one of them with her miraculous gifts. She helped me connect to Spirit when I doubted myself, my purpose and my path. She helped me connect to my loved ones, who’ve passed over. She relayed to me their messages of, “Are you crazy?! Of course you are on the right path!!” Thank you Leslie! –  RF., Licensed Midwife

The Solution Is Usually Very Simple/Easy

You make me feel good. I learn something every time! I’m fascinated by your intuitive gifts. I am always amazed by your knowledge and insight, and creative problem solving. And you always have a solution… and the solution is usually very simple/easy. – A.G., Sales Manager, New York Botanical Gardens

Real Tools & Meticulous Analysis

Totally beyond what I expected, giving me some real tools & meticulous analysis/perspective. I’m a very happy client, and I recommend with enthusiasm! – G.S., Human Resources, Facebook

Confidence To Love Myself

I was able to realize that I can allow myself to be me as is. And, accept who I am and I love myself and the ones I love and care about. There was the time when I felt like there was no one who need me, especially when I did not get any respond from any of the companies I sent my resumes; Career guidance sessions helped me to gain self confidence. – Y.M., Bandai Namco

Learn Something New About Yourself

With her deep experience and strong background in career, life, and humanity, she can relate to every client’s moments and experience with her very own. Her quick responses and intuitive abilities can help you understand yourself; even learning something new about yourself. – Josh S, UIX Designer

Wealth Of Information

Leslie’s given me a wealth of information in just a few sessions and I’m always looking forward to my next appointment. Leslie’s words are always spot on and I appreciate everything that she does! – A.Z., Yogi, Marketing Professional

New Insights About Myself And My Capabilities

Leslie is kind of like Obi-wan: “Please help me, Leslie, you’re my only hope”. As a grown up it’s not that easy to change how we see the world and ourselves but Leslie does it so effortlessly that it’s also enjoyable (except the first ten minutes that are usually the denial). I leave the with new insights about myself and my capabilities.

Take A Leap of Faith

I have benefited by having clarity to remove myself from a bad situation and take a leap of faith. Already I feel happier and like you said things will open up for me they have in my career and in my hope for finding true happiness.  – G.P., Operations Manager, Surgical Medical Group

67% Salary Increase

Working with Leslie was one of the best and most important decisions I ever made. Her motivation and direction provided me with the ability to realize very tangible results in my life like getting a new job with a 67% increase in salary as well as achieving and exceeding various personal development goals. – T.T., Financial Analyst, Opus Agency

A Sounding Board For Creating & Meeting Goals

I hired Leslie to help create a plan for making it through a rough patch in graduate school. She helped me create a plan to balance my research obligations (time management, oral presentation skills, finding ways to network and get advice from senior scientists) with my personal obligations (like tweaking my budget and managing complex relationships).

During graduate school, it was nice to have an outsider’s point of view, but Leslie knew quite a bit about the business of research science. I would highly recommend Leslie to anyone needing a sounding board or someone to hold yourself accountable on creating AND meeting goals. – C.C., Postdoctoral Associate 2, University of Houston

Guide Through The Ups And Downs

Leslie puts her heart and intelligence to work every step of the way. She can guide you through the ups and downs of both professional and personal challenges in such a way that the trip is amazingly enjoyable. Leslie truly cares and takes a vested interest in making sure each of her clients succeeds. I look forward to working with her again, and highly recommend her! – Michael McGuire, Certified Meeting Planner | Business Development Manager at Freeman Expo Company

Confidence And Positivity During A Time Of Change

Leslie’s coaching better prepared my resume and mindset going into looking for, and ultimately getting a new dream job. Both her practical and intuitive advice provided me with added confidence and positivity during a time of change that easily could have brought out negativity and uncertainty. – T.S., Chief Creative Director, Wasserman Media Group

See Relationships In A New Light

Leslie helped me with feeling more confident and mentally strong. Learning about past lives has allowed me to see existing relationships in a new light. – T.M.

Grasp Your Rooted Motivations

Leslie is responsive, organized, dynamic. She quickly understands motivations, a business/profession’s characteristics and will really passionate about helping people re-format their presentation in a nice and powerful form. Beyond this skill, Leslie is very creative in coaching people in their career development and has a real capacity to grasp people’s rooted motivations while listening to them. – VL – Partner, ACG Avocats + Associés (Attorneys + Associates)

Rewire The Past

I benefited tremendously from the meditations you led me through and the rewiring of past events.  – B.T., Educator

Incredible Confidence And A Future Direction

Your coaching gives me incredible confidence and a future direction. I absolutely love hearing what spirit says about my life and work, through you!  – W.S., Entrepreneur

Laser In On Business Needs

Leslie radiates an energy of power and beauty.  I’ve had my first session and booked my next. Our session was concise and exactly what I needed.  Leslie was a laser in getting to the target of what my business needs were and tapping into the personal points that needed examination for me to propel forward. Leslie is a bundle of brains, she is knowledgeable with a grand resume of work. After listening to me describe the process I had gone through she mirrored back and shaped the next step; her effectiveness is razor sharp. – H.F., Entrepreneur & Educator

Reassured And Focused

I love my sessions with Leslie! They make me feel seen, reassured and focused. Understanding my energy and power with your help means there’s more I can do with it in my life! – T.F., Artist

Actionable Steps To Improve Immediately

Leslie is a brilliant coach. I will be keeping her in my contacts forever. I went into our first session feeling confused and anxious about the direction of my life. My biggest struggle being my career path. Shortly into our meeting she was able to help me clear a lot of stuff up and provided me with actionable steps to improve immediately. What I appreciate most about Leslie is her sincere, intuitive approach. I don’t want a counselor who sugar coats. I want straightforward and honest insight. That’s what you’ll get from a session with Leslie. Book some time with her. You will not regret it. – J.C, Sales Executive

Insight Into The REAL Issue And The REAL solution

A great source for calming and finding solutions when there are difficulties or disappointments in the workplace. I can get anxiety from time to time and your videos also provide a great amount of insight into the REAL issue and the REAL solution.  – J.T., Burley

Experience The Outcomes You’re Looking For

Leslie provides amazing insight into how you should be approaching life to experience the outcomes you are looking for.  Such care, compassion, insight, and intuition makes each experience welcoming, motivational, and eye opening.  Looking forward to the future with tutelage from Leslie Juvin-Acker!! – Chris S., Emerald Expositions

Positive Choices For The Future

I have never been to a person who has shed so much light on things going on in my life.  Leslie is professional and personable.  She is articulate and explains herself very well.  I feel like she was put in my path at just the right time!  I look forward to seeing where it all leads me and feel more positive about my choices for the future! – L.B., Sales Executive, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Courage, Comfort, And Guidance To Take My Life Back

Intuitive life coaching gave me comfort and insight while experiencing a difficult time in life, it gave me the courage, comfort, and guidance to take my life back and be guided in the happiest and healthiest direction. Thank you! – A.W., Tech Sales Executive

Be The Best Version Of Myself

Leslie offers perspective and clarity when I can’t see the forest for the trees. She doesn’t pull punches, and she motivate me to be the best version of myself. Leslie is invaluable. – H.H., Relationship Coach