Where is Leslie Inc. located?

Leslie’s office is located in Vista, California. Guidance sessions occur by appointment only. Send mail to 960 Postal Way #222 Vista CA 92083

How can I have a free consultation with Leslie?

Due to Leslie’s full time schedule guiding Happy Campers, she is unable to conduct free consultations. We recommend watching Leslie’s Youtube videos to get a better understanding of her methods, personality, and expertise. If you believe Leslie’s the person you need, then please purchase your Guide Pack and schedule your Guidance Sessions immediately.

Can I have just one session with Leslie?

Individual appointments can be made here.

Where do Guidance Sessions occur?

Happy Campers have the option to choose in Leslie’s office in Vista, California or remotely via Zoom.  Leslie does travel to Happy Glampers (VIP Clients) in their homes and offices all over the world for an additional fee.

Can I record my Guidance Session with Leslie?

Absolutely. We recommend you do. And, if you’re having a Zoom session, you can add on a record feature for a small fee so you can have your session available to watch again at your convenience.

I understand that Leslie is a psychic medium. What does that mean?

Leslie has a unique ability to physically see light emitted around bodies (called auras). This means Leslie can discern the emotional and mental state of clients by the colors she observes around them.

Additionally, Leslie can receive messages from those loved ones and individuals who have passed away and exist in another place of consciousness.

Leslie sees present potential, meaning future events that could happen based on present thoughts and behaviors. And, Leslie has a specialty of seeing past life events which offer present life explanations for current life circumstances.

How does Leslie use her psychic abilities?

Leslie will always sit down at the beginning of a session and read a client’s energy to pick up on any subtle factors influencing the client’s life situation. This insight helps clients to see life from a different perspective. This part of the Guide Pack process is  fun, exciting, and reveals so much information for a client to take away.

Leslie also uses her intuitive abilities to decide which type of training and emotional intelligence exercises would best help you succeed. Learn The Role Psychic Readings Play In Guidance Sessions

Does Leslie predict scary things?

Often, Leslie does channel a message from Spirit letting clients know about upcoming events. However, these events are not scary. Leslie does not predict death. Leslie believes only in happy messages and insight to create a happy life.

Does Leslie use the same training exercises on everyone?

Actually, no. Leslie uses her intuitive ability and her professional expertise to decide which is the best, most productive exercises and activities will help you get to a happier place. That means every Guidance Session is unique and tailored for your special needs and circumstances.

I don’t believe in God. Does that matter?

Not at all. Leslie talks in terms of universal love to all clients regardless of faith and religious denomination. If you do you have a spiritual leaning, Leslie will do her best to speak within your framework.

I am not married. I’m not straight. Does either matter?

Not at all. Many clients come to Leslie because they are searching for love. Or, they may be dating and want to experience a deeper, closer relationship.

Leslie Inc is LGBTQ friendly and accepts individuals with other consenting adult relationship preferences, such as polyamory, etc.

Other Support

For speaking engagements, appearances, and press opportunities please reach out to Leslie Inc Publicist at HappyNews@LeslieInc.org.

For WorkHappy Retreat Information & Booking, Contact Ana Gomez, WorkHappy Camp Counselor at WorkHappy@LeslieInc.org.

Online Support

To receive a response to an unanswered question, please send them to Leslie Inc at Facebook.