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Happiness is good for business.

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Leslie Inc WorkHAPPY Emotional Intelligence Training helps businesses create happy and productive business cultures.

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Educational Themes

The Millionaire Mindset with The Money Formula

Author of The Money Formula, Leslie Juvin-Acker breaks down our subconscious relationship to money. In this theme, Leslie helps audiences understand their deeply rooted emotional connections to the word money and every word in the financial dictionary. Find out how to break these connects and make healthy, empowering financial choices to attract more wealth and financial security.

Keynote: 30 Minutes / Workshop: 1-2 Hours / Retreats & Seminars: Contact Us

Awaken The Fearless Leader

Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm can bulldoze the best laid business plans. In this theme, Leslie Juvin-Acker demonstrates how negativity weakens teams, blocks creativity, increases conflict, and causes health problems. Discover the reasons why business leaders must cultivate emotional intelligence to improve creativity and imagination, strengthen team performance, and create a solutions oriented environment. Hear stories of professionals who have make critical emotional intelligence mistakes and how they fixed them with Leslie’s emotional intelligence techniques.

Keynote: 30 Minutes / Workshop: 1-2 Hours / Retreats & Seminars: Contact Us

Make An Impact Without Impacting Your Health: Recovering From & Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Caring for others and causes is a noble endeavor. Without adequate self-care routines, care givers, helpers, and volunteers can find themselves drained and apathetic. Secondary trauma and intense responsibility can negatively impact our mind, body, and spirit. During this workshop, attendees will recognize the signs of compassion fatigue and take the first step towards healing. Participants will gain useful tools and resources to help themselves and others regain a sense of harmony and well-being.

Keynote & Public Speaking

Leslie Juvin-Acker is your professional emotional intelligence guest speaker equipped to connect and engage with your audiences and event planning team. With experience in the event planning industry and as a seasoned speaker, trust Leslie to help you meet your entertainment and educational goals to create a professional and memorable experience.

#DRIVE Business Leadership Short Series

#DRIVE Business Leadership Episodes delve into professional figures in the life style and action sports industry. Leslie asks personal questions to get answers on the whys and  hows of business leadership. Produced by Carrasco Creative Media and Leslie Inc. 

Events & Appearances

2019 Upcoming Appearances

May 18 –  Soroptimists Conference, Pala Casino

A Book And A Chat Podcast

2018 Appearances

The Speaker Success Podcast

Speaker Chat – Women’s Speakers Association

Giving Back Podcast

12 Minute Convos Podcast

11/2 The Auto Immune Hour Interview

10/31/2018 Simply Lived In Podcast Interview

10/30/2018 The Power House podcast Interview

10/29/2018 Diamond Factor Interview

10/17/2018 Author Spotlight Interview 

10/9/2018 Spotlight On Your Book & Business Interview

9/23/2018 Soul Nectar Podcast Interview

9/11/2018 Refocused Podcast Interview

9/2018 Top 1 Percent Podcast Interview

8/30/2018 SD Voyager Interview

6/27 Agenda Trade Show / Group Y Network / Agenda Workshop

6/13 Light News Radio,  speaking on Emotional Intelligence

5/21 Heros Media Group, The Decision Hour, Veterans And Mental Health

5/17 WSRadio, Movin’ N Motivatin’ Radio, Mental Health Month

4/15-4/20/18 Association For Research & Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, VA

2/13 La Brujas Club, Blue Stockings Book Store, NYC

1/25 & 28 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, CO

1/13 WorkHappy Workshop, Rough Draft, NY

2017 Appearances

1/6/2017 Agenda Tradeshow, Malakye Shmooz, CA

2/1/2017 Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, CA

7/27/2017 Straight Talk with Ross Matthews Podcast, CA

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