Leslie Inc provides teaching opportunities and consulting services.

Our clients are those who believe that learning creates opportunities and results.

We work with motivated individuals and business owners who want to change the results they are getting by changing how they manage themselves, others, and their resources.

CALL or EMAIL to request an informational phone call.


Group Lectures & Speaking

Leslie is an educator whose goal is to empower audiences to take home practical understanding and tools to change how they think and feel about their lives, relationships, and life experiences.

The Subject Matters Leslie speaks on are Money Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, The Power of Awareness & Imagination.


Individual Retreat Experiences

Leslie provides one-on-one educational and training experiences with clients who want to leave behind old ways of living and feeling to experience newer levels of emotional and mental freedom. Learn to use your imagination, intuition, and harness the power of your awareness to change your life experience.

Typical clients are experiencing big life transitions such as new baby, new marriage, or career change or are recovering from, burnout, divorce, grief/loss, and anxiety/depression.

Typical Experience is 2 full days. Comes with books and training manuals.


Family Interventions

Leslie teaches parents and their children new life skills to increase communication, transparency, greater sense of trust and connection. Each member has a one-on-one experience and group experiences.

Leslie usually spends significant time with all the family members in and outside the home.

Typical experiences are 3 to 5 full days. Comes with books and training manuals.


1. Does Leslie provide individual sessions?

The short answer is no. Leslie is happy to provide contact information to recommended practitioners in her local areas for those clients who need immediate assistance; please know that other practitioners schedule 6 weeks out.

2. How far in advanced must I schedule a teaching opportunity, private retreat experience or family intervention with Leslie?

The further out, the better. It is recommended that clients schedule at least 1 month in advance. It is better to schedule 2 to 3 months in advanced.

3. Does Leslie still provide intuitive or psychic readings?


The short answer is no. While Leslie does use her intuition during every process, she does not perform readings on a question and answer basis. The fundamental goal of her practice is to teach clients how to use their own intuition.

4. What kind of clients does Leslie work with?

Leslie only works with individuals ready to learn, ready to let go of outmoded habits, attitudes, and behaviors, and are ready to apply what she teaches. Most clients are referred from past/current clients with a recommendation from that client. If you are a potentially new client, Leslie will interview you to see if working together is the right fit.

5. I am a past client who would like to refer a friend or family member. What is the protocol?

Get Leslie's permission first before giving a third party Leslie's phone number. It's good practice to: A) ask Leslie if she is available to work with a new client  B) ask yourself how this client would be fun for Leslie to help?

While Leslie is always happy to receive your referrals, Leslie may not be the right person to help your friend/family member. She will usually make a referral out to another practitioner. Which is why you should carefully consider if making a referral is the right choice in the effort to help a friend in need.


Consider your friend/family member: While it may seem helpful to refer a friend to Leslie, remember that you friend may not even be ready to receive professional help for their problem and may feel coerced into a meeting or phone call with Leslie they do not want, but may do so out of obligation to you.

Questions you can ask yourself to know a friend/family member is ready to work with Leslie:

  1. Are you ready to change your attitude and behaviors in regards to this issue?

  2. Are you ready to learn something new and apply it?

  3. Are you ready to invest the time and effort to make a long term change?

  4. Are you ready to make a substantial financial investment in getting expert help? [If they are not, are YOU willing to make a financial investment on their behalf?]

  5. May I tell Leslie about your situation to see if she is even able to help you?

If the answer is yes to every question, then you may proceed to contact Leslie about your friend/family member to begin the connection process. If the answer is no to any of these questions, refrain from making a referral for now and ask at a another time.

5. How much does it cost to work with Leslie?

The short answer is: it depends. Leslie evaluates fees with individuals/groups on a case by case basis, negotiates travel and accommodation fees,  and any other type of compensation commensurate with the task,  time, and outcome asked of her. Deposits and fees are negotiated to reach a reasonable mutually beneficial agreement.

6. Does Leslie travel for clients?

Leslie has and does travel nationally for clients and their families. Leslie also welcomes clients from across the globe to work with her. Travel fees, accommodations, and other requirements are discussed and agreed upon up front.