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#DRIVE Leadership Series 

About #DRIVE

#Drive is a unique web series that brings the top lifestyle and action sport industries leaders and innovators into your career. contributing action sports & lifestyle leadership coach and expert career strategist explores the subjects of leadership, career advancement, and work-life balance with the personalities behind the products and lifestyle you know and love.


On #Drive,  Leslie shares their personal stories and uncovers the inspiration that fuels the drive of her guests. Thanks to a collaboration with Allen Carrasco of Carrasco Creative Media, Viewers get a chance to meet and know the guests in a never before format and gain the wisdom and experience they need to advance their careers and lives.

Larry Balma Interview #DRIVE.jpg


Co-Founder of Tracker Trucks and Transworld Magazine, Larry Balma celebrates his book Tracker: 40 Years of Skateboarding HIstory

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DRIVE Book Cover Leslie Juvin Acker 2017

Get The Book That Inspired The Series

After years of contributing career and leadership advice articles for Malakye's Picks, Leslie compiled all of her writings into one cohesive book to inspire your leadership career.


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