Conscious Living Spokesperson

Leslie Juvin-Acker helps her clients and Happy Camper community raise their personal awareness to improve the quality of their lives and relationships. As a thought leader and inspiring personality, Leslie leverages her platform as a conscious living spokesperson to educate, inform, and inspire audiences to live authentic, healthy lives.

Spirituality Expert

For over a decade, clients and Happy Campers from around the world continue turn to Leslie for spiritual advice and insight.

Well-versed in all major religions and spiritual teachings, Leslie provides practical guidance with intuitive perspective in an easy to understand conversation.

Conscious Living Spokesperson with Expert Product Knowledge

Leslie uses spiritual tools in her coaching practice. From cards, crystals, spiritual books, aromatherapy, and more, Leslie has a discriminating eye on healing products and makes frequent recommendations to her clients. Trust Leslie to be a partner to educate and motivate your audiences to use your quality products.

Home & Garden Lifestyle Personality

Clients come to Leslie’s home office and revel in the relaxing and invigorating environment which Leslie uses as the backdrop to her life changing coaching work.┬áLeslie practices Feng Shui and has places high importance on creating harmonious environments.

As a passionate and avid gardener, Leslie has a large personal garden and grows fruits and vegetables at home. She spent years learning about French cooking in France and is an excellent home chef.

Leslie is a mother to two small children and applies her coaching techniques and practical wisdom to her parenting style. She also advises families on mindful parenting and building emotional intimacy with children.