Using Your Imagination For Greater Wealth

  [playlist ids="54736"]   Using Your Imagination Leslie Juvin-Acker has dedicated her life to helping others help themselves by showing them that they have the power to change their thoughts.  Leslie is so educated on the power of our thoughts and she breaks down how we can all make positive changes.  I love Leslie’s story and all of the tools that she provides to  help others improve their well-being.  In this episode Leslie talks about the power of positive thoughts,...

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The Daily Gratitudes At Work

Hello Happy Campers: The Daily Gratitudes has welcomed me into their warm, fuzzy arms. And, I am so excited to announce that for one week, starting today, you'll be getting straight into your inbox my daily gratitudes. Life is all about being grateful. As you know, I say that when we take stock in the positive you'll see that we have so much to work with to get us to the next step...

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Going From Expert To Author: Unboxing The Money Formula Book [VIDEO]

What's It Like Going From Expert To Author? Hello Happy Campers, the journey of going from expert to author was a new path for me. It's not always straight-forward and clear. In fact, it was confusing and stressful much of the time. What you see in the video is just a few moments to summarize a year's journey from going from expert to author. It's awesome, but as I look at my book, I...

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women and money the money formula

Rewiring Women And Money

What Do We Know About Women and Money? Leslie Juvin-Acker talks about women and money with Kerri Hummingbird on her podcast Soul Nectar. Watch the entire episode now: Memorable Moments About Women & Money What Does Abundance Imply In The Relationship Between Women & Money I wrote the book, The Money Formula and the conversation is about changing a relationship with money. But ultimately, it's about looking at what abundance means to you, and tapping into your...

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emotional intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Emotional Intelligence is natural to all human beings. But, do you know what it is? Dr. Trevor Blattner explores emotional intelligence with me on his podcast The Top One Percent. Trevor: You also are an expert in emotional intelligence so if you don't mind I'd like to transition a little bit into talking some about that because I think our listeners would value your input on that a lot. You know,...

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the money formula, the womens financial freedom tour

Examining Your Relationship With Money with Trevor Blattner

Examine Your Relationship With Money I was recently talking about our relationship with money with  Dr. Trevor Blattner at The Top One Percent Podcast. We appreciate his dedication to personal excellence, his generosity of spirit, and his faithfulness in the good of mankind. Thank you, Trevor, for your support of Leslie Inc, The Money Formula, The Happy Camper community, and The Women's Financial Freedom Tour. The number one challenge people face in their...

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Employee Wellness Month Exclusive Interview & Tools

June is Employee Wellness Month! These are the stories that Leslie Inc. has got lined up for you on the State of Happiness! We are talking about how to make business more fun, enjoyable, and of course, profitable. We want to illuminate how other professionals are making business choices and models that truly align with their values. Download The Happiness Decks App Career Edition After two years of development, the Leslie Inc. official digital...

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Leslie Is 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Woman To Watch Final Nominee

The 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Awards recognized me as a final nominee for the Woman To Watch Award. About The San Diego Women of Influence Awards In celebration of Women's History Month, the San Diego Women of Influence of Awards recognizes women business leaders. Additionally, the award ceremony recognizes local companies and men who also champion women leaders. The San Diego Women of Influence Awards is produced by Connected Women of Influence. Their...

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got help for panic attack

NBA Star Kevin Love Reveals He Got Help For Panic Attacks

Kevin Love Says He Got Help For Panic Attacks Even professional athletes at the top of their careers get help for panic attacks. Kevin Love, NBA star and forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed his battle with panic attacks his in recent article for the Player's Tribune. After halftime, it all hit the fan. Coach Lue called a timeout in the third quarter. When I got to the bench, I felt my heart racing faster...

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woman on hill alone silent suffering

Silent Suffering: How To Break Free Of The Shame of Mental Illness

Last week, I learned so much about the power of a parent's love in the face of death and great adversity. I felt a wide range of emotions that took me on a ride that some would describe as sheer hell: anger, helplessness, and grief. However, the moment I stepped off the spiral of silent suffering, I felt a surging wave of gratitude, compassion, and empathy. And, a focus on what truly...

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red rocks amphitheater Denver Colorado skyline

Tapping Into Hidden Pain: Outdoor Retailer Day 3

Tapping Into Hidden Pain Reveals Our Unresolved Emotional Burdens Day 2 at Outdoor Retailer was a come to Jesus moment for me. I had to let go of my past to embrace my future. And that mean to tap into the hidden pain that manifested as panic attacks. Day 3 of Outdoor Retailer was a chance for me to continue the momentum of leading and coaching but on a more personal tone. On Day...

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outdoor retailer education seminar

Awaken The Fearless Entrepreneur At Outdoor Retailer in Denver

Join Me At Outdoor Retailer in Denver January 25th-28th I'm thrilled and delighted to be teaching professionals and business leaders in the outdoor industry how to Awaken The Fearless Entrepreneur and Resolve Conflict In 4 Simple Steps at Outdoor Retailer in Denver this week. Learn More About My Workshops. Having coached hundreds of professionals in the outdoor and lifestyle industry, I was invited by my friends at Outdoor Retailer to teach two key workshops...

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life purpose career advice experience career coach

Why You Should Never Doubt Your Life Purpose

Never Doubt Your Life Purpose After listening to my story, I doubt you'll doubt your life purpose ever again. My life changed forever thanks to a simple construction worker with an amazing message that inspired me to believe in my life's purpose. This experience broke me down to tears and I think you'll find some benefit and feel inspired to live your life purpose. Life Questions: Are You Living Up To Your Potential? Do you doubt...

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man walking away with yellow surfboard on beach

7 Simple Ways To Relieve Work Overwhelm

  Does Your Work Overwhelm Your Life? Work overwhelm affects millions of professionals each day. Stress can kill the most promising careers - not just negatively impact your health. These seven simple tips will help you gain perspective, relieve stress, and stop negative thinking in its tracks. [caption id="attachment_52751" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash[/caption] Identify Your Repetitive Overwhelming Thoughts We get so lost in our thoughts that it's hard to find our way out....

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7 Surprising Ways Your Job Is Triggering Social Anxiety [Part 2]

Does the idea of going back to work give you social anxiety? Can't wait to get away from critical bosses, colleagues, and clients in a toxic work environment? You're not alone. Read Part One of 7 Surprising Ways Your Job Is Triggering Social Anxiety 5. Why Your Toxic Work Environment Stresses You Out Toxic work environments aren't just places with bad lighting, uncomfortable chairs, and ugly locations.  Workplace conflict, blaming, and arguments create toxic work environments....

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