parents shape our financial beleifs

How Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs

Our parents shape our financial beliefs for better or for worse. In my guest appearance on The Power House podcast with Candy Barone, we discuss just how our parents shape our financial beliefs and how we can redefine them to create greater feelings of wealth in our lives and careers. Our Parents Shape Our Financial Beliefs In Surprising Ways Surprisingly, how our parents share our financial beliefs influences our life behaviors especially when it...

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women and money the money formula

Rewiring Women And Money

What Do We Know About Women and Money? Leslie Juvin-Acker talks about women and money with Kerri Hummingbird on her podcast Soul Nectar. Watch the entire episode now: Memorable Moments About Women & Money What Does Abundance Imply In The Relationship Between Women & Money I wrote the book, The Money Formula and the conversation is about changing a relationship with money. But ultimately, it's about looking at what abundance means to you, and tapping into your...

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the money formula, the womens financial freedom tour

Examining Your Relationship With Money with Trevor Blattner

Examine Your Relationship With Money I was recently talking about our relationship with money with  Dr. Trevor Blattner at The Top One Percent Podcast. We appreciate his dedication to personal excellence, his generosity of spirit, and his faithfulness in the good of mankind. Thank you, Trevor, for your support of Leslie Inc, The Money Formula, The Happy Camper community, and The Women's Financial Freedom Tour. The number one challenge people face in their...

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Leslie Inc’s Resident Nerdcock Is Deaf & Blind

Who And What Is Nerdcock?   Who is Josh Simpson? Why is he so important to your spiritual and emotional journey? What is his role in the Foresee Oracle App? And more importantly, what does nerdcock mean? Join us for this episode of Everyday Spirituality and meet Josh for yourself. Discover how Josh and Leslie Juvin-Acker met, explore why their friendship indirectly, yet powerfully, influences your experience at Leslie Inc and at Did you know...

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