a.r.e. professional life coach certification program

A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification Students Raise Over $1000 For Home Start Inc.

Home Start Inc. Thanks A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification Students A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification students raised over $1000 with Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala committee member, Leslie Juvin-Acker. Leslie hosted intuitive readings and spoke for two special evenings to raise money for the charity at the Association For Research And Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. Leslie Juvin-Acker is also a member of the Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). Read her story...

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home start inc blue ribbon gala

Why Every Child Deserves A Happy Home

Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Event Manager Caitlin Finch Stops By The State of Happiness Podcast Caitlin Finch is the Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Special Event and Marketing Coordinator. I have the pleasure volunteering along side her as chair for the Blue Ribbon Gala's social media and e-mail marketing. I have been working with Caitlin Finch, Mark Lagace, and Laura Tancredi-Baese for over six months in planning the Blue Ribbon Gala. An...

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inspiring asian american women

5 Inspiring Asian American Women of the 21st Century

Who Inspires Me, An Asian American Woman? As an Asian American woman, I wanted to recognize a few of my favorite and inspiring Asian American women of the 21st century during Women's History Month. #1 Inspiring Asian American Women: Chloe Kim [caption id="attachment_53180" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Photo Credit: GettySport[/caption] As a snowboarder, I find Chloe Kim to be an inspiring Asian American woman in snowboarding history. She began snowboarding when she was only four years old. And, at seventeen,...

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mr fred rogers quote

Why & How To Discuss School Shootings With Our Families

School shootings are every parent's worst nightmare. There have been 291 school shootings since 2013. They've become so common that we, as parents, must discuss school shootings with our families. It's a complex subject mired in a variety of perspectives and commentary on the subjects of gun control, school protection, personal freedom, and mental health. The question most tearful parents ask me in my office is, "Where do I begin and what do...

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mandalay bay shooter

Why Your Thoughts & Prayers Are Useless [VIDEO]

Why does everyone say thoughts and prayers after a tragic event? Are people who criticize people who use of this phrase justified when they say that thoughts and prayers helps nobody? My thoughts on how to recover after tragedy and put your thoughts and prayers to action. Social Media Is Sending Thoughts And Prayers The Las Vegas shooting news  in which over 58 are reported dead and over 400 have been injured is, as of 2017, the...

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protest - silence - Leslie Inc

15 Quotes On Silence and Protesting

1. No one was angry enough to speak out. - Inscription on an Egyptian pyramid, quoted by Robert F Kennedy 2. Silence is the voice of complicity. - American saying 3. Open your mouth, judge righteously, maintain the rights of the poor and needy. - Bible, Proverbs 31:9 4. There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. - Eli Wiesel 5....

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