Money And Health with Sharon Sayler

How To Balance Money And Health Money and health are tightly connected. And, when thinking of the two, millions of Americans are stressed out! Often, people will skip going to the doctor or avoid seeking health care because they are afraid of their hospital bill. What a way to live! But, sadly, many people, including women, in America do this. We also have a lot of negative things to say about money that...

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The Daily Gratitudes At Work

Hello Happy Campers: The Daily Gratitudes has welcomed me into their warm, fuzzy arms. And, I am so excited to announce that for one week, starting today, you'll be getting straight into your inbox my daily gratitudes. Life is all about being grateful. As you know, I say that when we take stock in the positive you'll see that we have so much to work with to get us to the next step...

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spiritual protection - cleansing- Leslie Inc

Psychic Self Defense: Emotional and Spiritual Protection For Those In The Service Industries

Spiritual Protection While Serving Others After spending time with a demanding, emotional, or just negative client scan your body and mind to see how you feel. Do you feel grumpy? Do you feel fearful? Or, do just feel exhausted and don't want to deal with people anymore? These are signs of energetic transfer. Learn how to set up the appropriate protocols to reducing the influence others have on our emotional and mental states. Every...

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