Using Your Imagination For Greater Wealth

  [playlist ids="54736"]   Using Your Imagination Leslie Juvin-Acker has dedicated her life to helping others help themselves by showing them that they have the power to change their thoughts.  Leslie is so educated on the power of our thoughts and she breaks down how we can all make positive changes.  I love Leslie’s story and all of the tools that she provides to  help others improve their well-being.  In this episode Leslie talks about the power of positive thoughts,...

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emotional intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Emotional Intelligence is natural to all human beings. But, do you know what it is? Dr. Trevor Blattner explores emotional intelligence with me on his podcast The Top One Percent. Trevor: You also are an expert in emotional intelligence so if you don't mind I'd like to transition a little bit into talking some about that because I think our listeners would value your input on that a lot. You know,...

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Leslie Juvin-Acker How To Respond To Negative Emotion In A Positive Way

How To Respond To Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way

Hello Happy Campers! We welcome both Drs Michelle Dexter and Alan Blum at the Leslie Inc office to share how to respond to negative emotions in a healthy way. They say that emotional wellness isn't about avoiding negativity in our life, but having an appropriate level of negative emotions. During this live interview you'll find out how to respond to negative emotions in a healthy way and how Ana was able to release a...

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Anthony Bourdain Suicide: What Happened?

Anthony Bourdain died suddenly of an apparent suicide in Paris according to his friend who found him unresponsive. At 61, the storyteller, chef, and TV star left behind a legacy of exploring the world - and for a lack those "Parts Unknown". As an emotional intelligence expert who specializes in helping business leaders, I have been asked, "What happened?" There are many reasons why someone could commit suicide. Shame, guilt, grief, hopelessness are...

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Happiness After An Eating Disorder

Gabi Brandao carried a shameful secret that she kept from her friends or family. She hid a seven year eating disorder battle that was fueled by low self-esteem and a dysfunctional marriage. One day, she finally decided to get better - and get out. This is Gabi Brandao's life changing story and journey to becoming a health coach and conscious health writer. Gabi Brandao's Eating Disorder Battle Story Why You Should Listen To This...

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lose weight use hypnosis to create healthy habits

5 Ways To Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits

Change Your Life And Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits #1. Let Go Of The Weight The first way to use hypnosis to create healthy habits is to begin by losing weight. I helped a woman lose over 35 pounds in one month with little change to her diet and exercise routine. For exercise, she walked forty five minutes per day and ate small, healthy portions. There was nothing extreme about her diet and exercise....

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got help for panic attack

NBA Star Kevin Love Reveals He Got Help For Panic Attacks

Kevin Love Says He Got Help For Panic Attacks Even professional athletes at the top of their careers get help for panic attacks. Kevin Love, NBA star and forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed his battle with panic attacks his in recent article for the Player's Tribune. After halftime, it all hit the fan. Coach Lue called a timeout in the third quarter. When I got to the bench, I felt my heart racing faster...

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two boys friend commits suicide

Healing After A Friend Commits Suicide

Last time, I told a story about a man's fear of death in my Day 4, Part 2 journal of my experience at Outdoor Retailer. Now, I'm sharing a story of healing after a friend commits suicide. During the same evening, my client Chip* introduced me to his colleague, Sam*. Sam and I first talked about his career journey to Outdoor Retailer. He said he was laid off from his last job right...

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woman on hill alone silent suffering

Silent Suffering: How To Break Free Of The Shame of Mental Illness

Last week, I learned so much about the power of a parent's love in the face of death and great adversity. I felt a wide range of emotions that took me on a ride that some would describe as sheer hell: anger, helplessness, and grief. However, the moment I stepped off the spiral of silent suffering, I felt a surging wave of gratitude, compassion, and empathy. And, a focus on what truly...

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Leslie juvin acker workhappy workshop outdoor retailer the camp denver colorado

Choosing What Makes You Happy: Day 4 Outdoor Retailer

Choosing What Makes You Happy Is A Daily Action On Day Three of Outdoor Retailer, I realized that there is power in sharing our personal struggles as a tool to inspire others to take action. I believe now, more than even ever that choosing what makes you happy is an inspiring, daily action. Serendipitous discussions on Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer drove this very important lesson home for me. It was time to wake...

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divorce separation anxiety marriage holidays

Top 5 Reasons Why The Holidays Are Making You Anxious

The Holidays Are Making You Anxious And You Need To Know Why The holidays are making you anxious and you might not even know why. If you feel dread when the holidays approach, you may be experiencing one of these top five reasons clients dread the holidays. Reason Number 1 The Holidays Are Making You Anxious: Bigoted Family Members Stressed clients tell me that their bigoted family members "make me sick." That metaphor is actually more...

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family anxiety holiday conflict setting table

How To Deal With Anxiety During The Holidays

Do you struggle and want to deal with anxiety during the holidays that is caused by family drama? Do you feel knots in your stomach when you get closer to home? Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with anxiety during the holidays. Christmas should feel like Christmas; not an agonizing reminder of unfinished personal business. Anxious Over Family Drama During The Holidays? Hundreds of clients have come to me looking for ways to deal with...

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acceptance, let go

Knowing When To Let Go

Knowing when to let go is a common struggle. Find out how to know when and how to let go of unhealthy relationships, environments, and habits. Why Is It Hard To Let Go? Holding onto unhappiness is based upon fundamental fears and anxieties. Many abuse survivors  do not know when to let go of a dysfunctional relationship. Millions of unhappy professionals do not know when to let go of unhealthy work environments. And, as a...

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einstein's secrets to happiness

Einstein’s Secrets To Happiness Has An Unbelievable Price Tag

How Much Is Good Advice Worth From A Credible Source? We hear inspirational sayings all of the time. Sometimes, we repeat them without fully understanding their meaning. And, when someone untrustworthy says something true, we don't believe it. When reputation is everything, how much is good advice worth? Someone thought Einstein's secrets to happiness were worth an unbelievable price. What Is Einstein's Secrets To Happiness? How much would you pay for the secret to happiness?...

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