Why You Should Quit Your Job Right Now

Jen Murphy is a freelance writer and editor who tells powerful stories. She also runs in the world's most exotic places. For Employee Wellness Month, She also tells us the reasons why you should quit your job right now. Why You Should Listen To This Episode How Jen was an ambitious publishing professional who went from climbing her way to the top to a life changing crash. What made Jen realize that she...

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Employee Wellness Month Exclusive Interview & Tools

June is Employee Wellness Month! These are the stories that Leslie Inc. has got lined up for you on the State of Happiness! We are talking about how to make business more fun, enjoyable, and of course, profitable. We want to illuminate how other professionals are making business choices and models that truly align with their values. Download The Happiness Decks App Career Edition After two years of development, the Leslie Inc. official digital...

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The Miracle of Asking For Help

[caption id="attachment_53319" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Leslie Juvin-Acker along with 50 A.R.E. life coaching certification students[/caption] The miracle of asking for help is a total game changer. Many believe that asking for help means we are weak or incapable. However, my story of asking for help created miracles that changed my life. Why You Should Listen To This Episode Leslie tells Ana Gomez, VP of Development for Leslie Inc., her amazing story of asking for help and how...

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Living A Purposeful Life

Meet Peter Woodbury I first discovered Peter Woodbury during my Edgar Cayce studies. I first read his articles years ago. He is one of the top Association for Research and Enlightenment lecturers and educators on the Edgar Cayce readings. His specialty is past life regression and past lives. Peter has an active online community through Facebook and engages with fans and fellow students of Edgar Cayce material. Initially, I reached out to him over...

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Leslie Is 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Woman To Watch Final Nominee

The 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Awards recognized me as a final nominee for the Woman To Watch Award. About The San Diego Women of Influence Awards In celebration of Women's History Month, the San Diego Women of Influence of Awards recognizes women business leaders. Additionally, the award ceremony recognizes local companies and men who also champion women leaders. The San Diego Women of Influence Awards is produced by Connected Women of Influence. Their...

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mental illness

Dymphna, Ireland’s Patron Saint of The Mentally Ill

The Girl Destined To Become The Patron Saint of The Mentally Ill When it comes to traveling, animals, children, there is Catholic saint for everything. Little did I know that there is actually a saint of the mentally ill. Her name is Dymphna, the saint of the mentally ill. Let me tell you more about her. To begin, legend has it that Dymphna was a daughter of Damon, a pagan and petty king of...

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inspiring asian american women

5 Inspiring Asian American Women of the 21st Century

Who Inspires Me, An Asian American Woman? As an Asian American woman, I wanted to recognize a few of my favorite and inspiring Asian American women of the 21st century during Women's History Month. #1 Inspiring Asian American Women: Chloe Kim [caption id="attachment_53180" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Photo Credit: GettySport[/caption] As a snowboarder, I find Chloe Kim to be an inspiring Asian American woman in snowboarding history. She began snowboarding when she was only four years old. And, at seventeen,...

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mr fred rogers quote

Why & How To Discuss School Shootings With Our Families

School shootings are every parent's worst nightmare. There have been 291 school shootings since 2013. They've become so common that we, as parents, must discuss school shootings with our families. It's a complex subject mired in a variety of perspectives and commentary on the subjects of gun control, school protection, personal freedom, and mental health. The question most tearful parents ask me in my office is, "Where do I begin and what do...

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Leslie juvin acker workhappy workshop outdoor retailer the camp denver colorado

Choosing What Makes You Happy: Day 4 Outdoor Retailer

Choosing What Makes You Happy Is A Daily Action On Day Three of Outdoor Retailer, I realized that there is power in sharing our personal struggles as a tool to inspire others to take action. I believe now, more than even ever that choosing what makes you happy is an inspiring, daily action. Serendipitous discussions on Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer drove this very important lesson home for me. It was time to wake...

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Overwhelmed: Day One of Outdoor Retailer 2018

Hi Happy Campers! I was overwhelmed with positive and negative emotions during this whirlwind trip full of old friends and new ones which lead me to experience incredible personal growth. Through that, I was able to reach professionals in the lifestyle industry with two key #workHAPPY workshops as a sample of our #workHAPPY mindful leadership retreats. I wanted to document my journey to Outdoor Retailer for you to give you an inside look at...

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Christmas after death of a loved one

Christmas After The Death of A Loved One

In this podcast, I'm going to tell you two real and remarkable Christmas stories of hope, inspiration in which two couples received messages of love from their loved ones in Heaven from me! Christmas After The Death of A Loved One The Holidays and Christmas after the death of a loved one are tough for many each year. Whether you celebrate your loved one with holiday traditions, like some of my clients who set...

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3 Things Not To Say To Avoid A Fight With Your Spouse

Avoid a fight with your spouse like a marriage expert with these three techniques.  Stop Marital Fighting Before It Begins Conflict within the marriage is inevitable. Why make matters worse in your relationship when you can use simple phrases to  avoid conflict? Are you guilty of saying any of these phrases that are sure to start a fight with your spouse? Let's find a way to love your spouse unconditionally. 3 Phrases Guaranteed To Start...

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#metoo workplace harassment

#MeToo: My Story of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual Harassment Is A Real Problem In The Workplace Harvey Weinstein is American film producer and former film studio executive who has been accused by several women of sexual harassment. He and his brother Bob Weinstein co-founded Miramax, which has produced many popular movies. Women such as Mira Sorvino, Asia Argento, Lysette Anthony, and Rose McGowan have accused Wienstein of rape and sexual harassment. Reports say that Weinstein's sexual advances have continued unchecked for decades. Gweneth Paltrow was...

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Long Distance Love: Surviving In A Marriage With A Business Traveler

International corporate travel is on the rise - and many families pay the price. My husband, Franck, travels a lot for work. Coping hasn't always been easy. But, is it worth it? This is my story. Business Travel Is A  Part of My Marriage [caption id="attachment_52169" align="alignleft" width="298"] Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash[/caption] Franck's been a work traveler since before our marriage began in 2008. For over a decade, I have habituated myself to not...

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5 Expert Steps Happy Couples Take To Avoid Divorce

Millions of couples try everything to avoid divorce everyday. "Fighting to stay married" is an oxymoron. After a decade of coaching executives and their spouses, I have learned the key methods that keep couples together and happy. Why Navigating The Highs & Lows Of Marriage Is A Challenge To start, I coach relationships with all sorts of dynamics: dating/engaged, LGBTQ marriages and partnerships, swingers, polyamourous, divorced couples, separated, straight couples, multi-racial and multi-ethnic. As...

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