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To The Moon: Shaping Winning Teams And Encouraging Teamwork

How To Encourage Teamwork And Make A Winning Work Team Teams are more than a mere assemblage of people and talent - they’re an ethos that drives direction towards a common goal. Each part, or function, of the team moves and flows in conjunction with the others. An example is the Apollo 11 NASA space shuttle design. The intricate team of designers and engineers with special and unique functions had one mission: get...

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5 Ways To Put The Person In Personal Branding

The phrase “personal branding” has been so overused that it hardly feels personal anymore. Check out five ways to put the person back into personal branding and build more authentic relationships and a meaningful career.   1.    Let It Go And Act Natural No, not that awfully catchy cartoon song. Let go of whatever you think you should be or have to have and allow who you really are shine. Acting natural, believe it or...

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7 Ways To Master Your Career Goals

Do you ever feel that you're off your career track? Do you ever feel that you're constantly changing your mind about things because you're not getting the results you expect? Do you feel that your life isn't going the way you've planned and you feel totally lost? Check out seven simple ways to master your career goals so you can get focused and back on track.   1. Prioritize Make a list of the things...

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Time Management: How To Stop Being A Slave To Email

I coach managers who get at least 100 emails a day. CEOs have reported at least 150 a day. When we do the math, that’s at least 30,000 emails per year. I’ve been told, on average, that it takes one entire work day (8-10 hours) a week to answer and organize e-mails alone. That’s at least 400 hours spent each year working on emails. During my coaching sessions, general housekeeping (answering emails, making...

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3 Common Qualities of Inspiring Leaders

Coaching leaders and future leaders, I’ve noticed they possess many common characteristics. While the debate as to whether leaders are born or made will rage on for a millenia, I can say that having these common characteristics can make an inspiring leader - whether or not we’re called “Boss”. While there are many qualities of a great business leader, for the sake of this article, I’ll mention my top three: possessing a willingness...

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The 3P Plan To Starting A New Job Like An Insider

Whether we’ve landed a promotion at our current company or are starting a new job at a new company or relocated to a new job there is always an element of anxiety about how successful we’ll end up being. I help companies coach their employees during a time called onboarding. It’s a fancy, HR term for the process during which a new employee develops the behaviors and gathers the skills to become an insider....

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Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

If there is anything the action sports industry is known for, it’s the culture. It’s a culture that builds a lifestyle around breaking boundaries and taking the unconventional route to the top. While all companies employ basic business principles, it’s a company’s culture that sets it apart and brings its brand spirit to life. Which, for Malakye, leads me to examine why employees make their career decisions based on company culture and...

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