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How To Overcome Career Doubts & Work Stress

Learn how Leslie Inc WorkHappy Retreats Camp Counselor Ana Gomez overcame career doubts and resistance to build a career for herself in the arts industry. We talk about stress, her breaking point, and how Ana bounced back better than ever with some coping skills she learned from me. Leslie Inc WorkHappy Retreats Camp Counselor, Ana Gomez, Tells Her Story On this episode of the State of Happiness podcast, I've invited by best friend and...

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Job Search Success Story: Director of Mountain Operations

Matt's Job Search Success Story Matt Baird is one happy Canadian with a job search success story to share. He's reporting that he ended his recent job search with a new job he loves! This is Matt's simple, yet powerful story. Matt's Job Search Success Began With Matt has an impressive resume, having designed and managed prestigious ski parks in Canada for over a decade. Because Matt worked in the action sports industry for...

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Long Distance Love: Surviving In A Marriage With A Business Traveler

International corporate travel is on the rise - and many families pay the price. My husband, Franck, travels a lot for work. Coping hasn't always been easy. But, is it worth it? This is my story. Business Travel Is A  Part of My Marriage [caption id="attachment_52169" align="alignleft" width="298"] Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash[/caption] Franck's been a work traveler since before our marriage began in 2008. For over a decade, I have habituated myself to not...

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Improve Financial Security In 5 Proven Steps

Millions of entrepreneurs and executives worry about their financial security everyday. Managing a family budget, growing a business, paying taxes are just some responsibilities that create stress. Anxiety is a major emotional component to long term financial obligations. And, in five expert steps, you'll learn how to create and improve your feelings of financial security. Overcome 5 Obstacles To Financial Security Step 1. Develop A Financial Vision The first step to creating financial security is...

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5 Expert Steps Happy Couples Take To Avoid Divorce

Millions of couples try everything to avoid divorce everyday. "Fighting to stay married" is an oxymoron. After a decade of coaching executives and their spouses, I have learned the key methods that keep couples together and happy. Why Navigating The Highs & Lows Of Marriage Is A Challenge To start, I coach relationships with all sorts of dynamics: dating/engaged, LGBTQ marriages and partnerships, swingers, polyamourous, divorced couples, separated, straight couples, multi-racial and multi-ethnic. As...

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How Executives Overcome A Nervous Breakdown With Expert Help

Executive nervous breakdown is a well-hidden common occurrence. However, many do not recognize the signs of burnout until it's too late. With expert help, business leaders can quickly bounce back from stress-induced burnout and break-free from the stigma. Stress Kills, But You'll Have A Nervous Breakdown First I first began teaching emotional intelligence to politicians and research scientists when I noticed that high stress levels negatively impacted their work performance. Dysfunctional personal relationships largely contributed to...

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5 Steps To Start Your Job Search The Expert Way

As a job search expert and certified Global Career Development Facilitator, I've spent more than decade helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives find new jobs, get promotions and make career changes. Assure movement in the right direction with a few focused actions. Make Your Job Search Count With Five Core Steps If you're looking for a job, do it how I've been teaching my clients for over a decade. These essential steps will help you make the...

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How This Man Found The Path To Happiness Through Divorce

Why Divorce Can Be A Path To Happiness Our guest, Will Sterling, says he found happiness through divorce. Will Sterling, an actor, producer for Straight Talk with Ross Mathews podcast in Hollywood, says that divorce doesn't have to be a painful process. And, divorce can lead to greater personal enlightenment. [caption id="attachment_52364" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Sometimes, divorce is a means to help each other find our own way to happiness. Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash[/caption] Stories...

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Why Your Thoughts & Prayers Are Useless [VIDEO]

Why does everyone say thoughts and prayers after a tragic event? Are people who criticize people who use of this phrase justified when they say that thoughts and prayers helps nobody? My thoughts on how to recover after tragedy and put your thoughts and prayers to action. Social Media Is Sending Thoughts And Prayers The Las Vegas shooting news  in which over 58 are reported dead and over 400 have been injured is, as of 2017, the...

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Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 2]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of unfinished business and use these 7 emotional pain cure before unhappiness destroys your life. 4. Each Emotional Pain Cure Requires Swift Intervention According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seven core emotions (joy, anger, anxiety, pensiveness, grief, fear, and fright) are associated with main organs in the body. Experiencing sustained negative thoughts, which trigger emotional pain, has pathological affects on the...

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Cure Psychological Pain With These 7 Happiness Tips [Part 1]

Research shows that psychological pain hurts more than physical pain. Heal the source of emotional suffering before unhappiness destroys your life.   Psychological pain is also called mental anguish, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. Psychological pain manifests in different ways in different people. And, psychological pain rears its ugly head during different events in our lives. The most common life moments that spur psychological pain is the a loss of a loved one, financial insecurity,...

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How To Boost Morale With A New CEO After Painful Layoffs [VIDEO]

Adjusting to a new CEO after the old one killed the company culture and laid off your colleagues can make you feel weary and suspicious. Find out how to boost your morale, get in the driver's seat of your career, and make a meaningful connection with your CEO. Reader: How Do I Connect With A New CEO?  I need career advice. My company replaced our last CEO who, after several years, drove the company...

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Why You Should Never Put A Deadline on Your Success, Will Sterling

Why Success Doesn't Need A Deadline Our guest, Will Sterling, says you should never put a deadline on your success. How to find happiness in your career and make the most of every interview opportunity. Will also talks to us about his podcast The Motivation Report. Will Sterling is also an actor, producer for Straight Talk with Ross Mathews podcast in Hollywood, California.   [caption id="attachment_51939" align="alignleft" width="300"] Will Sterling is the host of The Motivation...

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7 Happy Ways To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Improve your problem solving skills and make better choices with these seven tips for beating stress, calming anxiety, and improving emotional well-being. Monday: A 5 Minute Walk Can Improve Your Problem Solving Attitude Scientific American reports research in the Journal of Environmental Health & Technology that says that a five minute walk in a scenic setting can improve your physical well-being and mental health. People with mental disorders significantly benefited the most. Happiness Tip: Take...

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Why Lazy Days Are The Most Emotionally Fulfilling [VIDEO]

Lazy days are the most emotionally fulfilling because they invite us to slow down and savor life when life gets overwhelming. On lazy days we permit ourselves to drink our tea a little slower, pet our cat a little longer, and play with our kids without rushing to the next task. It's days of self-afforded emotionally fulfilling time luxury that we file away our to-do lists, worries, and momentary burdens for a clear,...

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