a.r.e. professional life coach certification program

A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification Students Raise Over $1000 For Home Start Inc.

Home Start Inc. Thanks A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification Students A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certification students raised over $1000 with Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala committee member, Leslie Juvin-Acker. Leslie hosted intuitive readings and spoke for two special evenings to raise money for the charity at the Association For Research And Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. Leslie Juvin-Acker is also a member of the Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). Read her story...

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The Miracle of Asking For Help

[caption id="attachment_53319" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Leslie Juvin-Acker along with 50 A.R.E. life coaching certification students[/caption] The miracle of asking for help is a total game changer. Many believe that asking for help means we are weak or incapable. However, my story of asking for help created miracles that changed my life. Why You Should Listen To This Episode Leslie tells Ana Gomez, VP of Development for Leslie Inc., her amazing story of asking for help and how...

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home start inc blue ribbon gala

Why Every Child Deserves A Happy Home

Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Event Manager Caitlin Finch Stops By The State of Happiness Podcast Caitlin Finch is the Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala Special Event and Marketing Coordinator. I have the pleasure volunteering along side her as chair for the Blue Ribbon Gala's social media and e-mail marketing. I have been working with Caitlin Finch, Mark Lagace, and Laura Tancredi-Baese for over six months in planning the Blue Ribbon Gala. An...

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lose weight use hypnosis to create healthy habits

5 Ways To Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits

Change Your Life And Use Hypnosis To Create Healthy Habits #1. Let Go Of The Weight The first way to use hypnosis to create healthy habits is to begin by losing weight. I helped a woman lose over 35 pounds in one month with little change to her diet and exercise routine. For exercise, she walked forty five minutes per day and ate small, healthy portions. There was nothing extreme about her diet and exercise....

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Living A Purposeful Life

Meet Peter Woodbury I first discovered Peter Woodbury during my Edgar Cayce studies. I first read his articles years ago. He is one of the top Association for Research and Enlightenment lecturers and educators on the Edgar Cayce readings. His specialty is past life regression and past lives. Peter has an active online community through Facebook and engages with fans and fellow students of Edgar Cayce material. Initially, I reached out to him over...

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louise balma

How Giving Back Make You Happier

Louise Balma helped me wrap up Women's History Month with a fresh episode of The State of Happiness podcast. I'm bringing you into my world and sharing how Louise influences my life and career since I was a final nominee for the Women to Watch award. Louise's Role In The History of Skateboarding [caption id="attachment_53269" align="alignleft" width="339"] "During the height of the Hard Rock contests, these guys were the players at the Hard Rock...

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Leslie Is 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Woman To Watch Final Nominee

The 2018 San Diego Women of Influence Awards recognized me as a final nominee for the Woman To Watch Award. About The San Diego Women of Influence Awards In celebration of Women's History Month, the San Diego Women of Influence of Awards recognizes women business leaders. Additionally, the award ceremony recognizes local companies and men who also champion women leaders. The San Diego Women of Influence Awards is produced by Connected Women of Influence. Their...

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Become An Edgar Cayce Life Coach with Leslie Juvin-Acker

Become An Edgar Cayce Life Coaching At The Association For Research And Enlightenment In April 2018, I'll be joining the Edgar Cayce Life Coach program as a teacher. The A.R.E. professional Life Coach Certificate Training takes place at the Association For Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach. Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Hypnotherapist, Peter Woodbury is the program leader. What Makes Me An Edgar Cayce Life Coach? I have been an active student of the Edgar Cayce...

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mental illness

Dymphna, Ireland’s Patron Saint of The Mentally Ill

The Girl Destined To Become The Patron Saint of The Mentally Ill When it comes to traveling, animals, children, there is Catholic saint for everything. Little did I know that there is actually a saint of the mentally ill. Her name is Dymphna, the saint of the mentally ill. Let me tell you more about her. To begin, legend has it that Dymphna was a daughter of Damon, a pagan and petty king of...

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got help for panic attack

NBA Star Kevin Love Reveals He Got Help For Panic Attacks

Kevin Love Says He Got Help For Panic Attacks Even professional athletes at the top of their careers get help for panic attacks. Kevin Love, NBA star and forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed his battle with panic attacks his in recent article for the Player's Tribune. After halftime, it all hit the fan. Coach Lue called a timeout in the third quarter. When I got to the bench, I felt my heart racing faster...

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two boys friend commits suicide

Healing After A Friend Commits Suicide

Last time, I told a story about a man's fear of death in my Day 4, Part 2 journal of my experience at Outdoor Retailer. Now, I'm sharing a story of healing after a friend commits suicide. During the same evening, my client Chip* introduced me to his colleague, Sam*. Sam and I first talked about his career journey to Outdoor Retailer. He said he was laid off from his last job right...

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runner fear of death

The Fear of Death: Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer Part 2

On day 4 of Outdoor Retailer, I talked with a professional runner about the fear of death. The conversation was introduced when I channeled a friend who died in a drunk driving accident. The Fear of Death I asked Ray, “Do you wonder or worry about what it’s like to die?” He responded, “Every day.” What is it like to die? First, the spirit explained, "It's like closing your eyes and then waking up in Heaven with everyone you...

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inspiring asian american women

5 Inspiring Asian American Women of the 21st Century

Who Inspires Me, An Asian American Woman? As an Asian American woman, I wanted to recognize a few of my favorite and inspiring Asian American women of the 21st century during Women's History Month. #1 Inspiring Asian American Women: Chloe Kim [caption id="attachment_53180" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Photo Credit: GettySport[/caption] As a snowboarder, I find Chloe Kim to be an inspiring Asian American woman in snowboarding history. She began snowboarding when she was only four years old. And, at seventeen,...

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mr fred rogers quote

Why & How To Discuss School Shootings With Our Families

School shootings are every parent's worst nightmare. There have been 291 school shootings since 2013. They've become so common that we, as parents, must discuss school shootings with our families. It's a complex subject mired in a variety of perspectives and commentary on the subjects of gun control, school protection, personal freedom, and mental health. The question most tearful parents ask me in my office is, "Where do I begin and what do...

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woman on hill alone silent suffering

Silent Suffering: How To Break Free Of The Shame of Mental Illness

Last week, I learned so much about the power of a parent's love in the face of death and great adversity. I felt a wide range of emotions that took me on a ride that some would describe as sheer hell: anger, helplessness, and grief. However, the moment I stepped off the spiral of silent suffering, I felt a surging wave of gratitude, compassion, and empathy. And, a focus on what truly...

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