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Gen Y Professionals Are Afraid To Call For Help

Talk to any hip Gen Y professional aged 20-35 and they’ve most likely got a mobile device enabled with internet browsing, text messages, and a variety of online applications. Despite having a mobile device, it seems that many Gen Y professionals are afraid to use the telephone application to make the calls necessary to jump start their careers and ask for help. Counseling professionals at varying ages, at one end of the spectrum...

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Job Security vs Job Satisfaction

What is more important: Job Security or Job Satisfaction? This is a very subjective question as some people believe job security is more important while others believe job satisfaction is more important. I’m going to approach it from a different way. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that nobody in the United States is offering job security anymore. No matter what kind of education you have whether it be engineering, accounting, journalism,...

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Phone Interviews: How To Prepare For and Ace Them

Phone interviews are cheap, quick, and convenient for companies. Don’t be offended if you are offered a phone interview. You'll wow your way into a formal face-to-face interview if you take the following steps: Types of Phone Interviews • Perhaps you have initiated contact with the hiring manager or person of interest at your desired company. They have called you to learn more about your background. This is an interview. • You have been called...

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Quit Your Job With Class

The days of walking out and never coming back are over. You’re maturing as a professional and realizing that leaving on a good note is key, whether or not you loved or hated your job.Use all or some of these tips to help you quit your job with class. Give Notice Give your employer anywhere from two weeks to one month notice. I say one month depending on the level and involvement of your...

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Following Up After An Interview Made Simple

Question from a reader: “I recently had an interview, which I feel went fine. I felt that I gave the impression that I understood fully the responsibilities and their expectations for the position. I was informed that the organization will be having another round of interviews and that if they call me in, someone else will interview me…. I kind of got the impression though that they are trying to find the...

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Leslie Answers Your Questions: Do I have to disclose my previous salary?

No. You do not have to share your previous salary, but you will have to state your salary expectations. Discussing salary expectations is never an easy task, but I do have some solutions. Turn the question around and ask how your previous salary will qualify you for the position in question. If they can’t give a good reason, then don’t answer. Know you’re not legally required to answer this question, but realize that...

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How far can I go without a college degree?

Don’t think a college degree is right for you? I’ve been asked: How far can I go without a college degree? As far as you want to go. The possibilities are endless! Now, let’s get realistic. To be honest, I don’t know very many professionally and financially successful people without college degrees. Not only do these people have degrees, they have years of progressive professional experience. But, wait, Leslie: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and all sorts of...

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Making The Most of Your Professional References

I was inspired to write this article after providing references for several friends and former colleagues. I’m going to show you how to easily get the best references to help you land the next best job. CONTACT Contact your reference and express the importance and value their reference plays in helping you get a better job. ASK PERMISSION I know this goes without saying, but ask if they will help you even if you...

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Systematically Manage Tasks With These 5 Simple Questions

When I was working in a boutique real estate firm, I learned how to approach and prioritize the day’s tasks and long term projects from my boss. We would ask ourselves five questions to each task or issue on our plate. We wouldn’t take more than one minute to make a decision on each topic. I really liked her style, so I’m going to share it with you. You can also apply...

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Recommendation Letters Simplified

What makes a great reference letter? Question From A Rejuvination Fan : “Family friends with impressive backgrounds have offered to be references for me during my current job search. I was thinking that it might be good to use them for a written undated recommendation letter that I can use and reuse. However, since I have never worked with or for them, I am kinda unsure on what to request. A reference of...

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Transitioning From The Military To A Civilian Career

Take the leap transitioning from the military to a civilian career! My dad served in two branches of the military and had a difficult time making the transition from his military career to his civilian one. No matter how many battles you’ve encountered as a U.S. soldier, you will have to encounter yet another: entering one of the most discouraging job markets in American history. GET READY Give yourself a simple three ring binder with...

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