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5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Are you ready to quit your job? Have you dreamed about telling off your boss and storming out? Have you fantasized about going to lunch and never coming back? You might not be as ready as you think. Consider the following before saying "I quit."   CONSIDER: YOUR OPTIONS Sometimes, leaving the company all together does not have to be the only solution. Have you considered moving to another department? Is there a possibility to...

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Smoking In Front of The Workplace

  A French reader asked, "I see a lot of people smoking in front of their offices. Does smoking at work hurt a company and professional image?" Over 71 percent of American businesses are are regulated by smoking bans of varying degrees. These laws affect restaurants, public places, hospitality, and bars. There are even laws forbidding smoking within a certain distance of public entrances. France passed a law in 2006 forbidding smoking in most...

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Should Professionals Go Back To School To Avoid A Recessional Market?

  A Reader Asked: “I know many people that are “going back to school.” Suzy Orman states that the best financial investment you can make is in your own education. However, I get the feeling that the latest trend is for people who don’t want to face the recessional market. When is a good time to go to school? Any thoughts?” Pursuing a secondary education should be for the love of learning as we all...

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7 Lessons Learned From Working With Mature Professionals

We Generation Y-ers often get caught up in our own fast-paced careers giving the impression that we're entitled, know-it-all professionals coming to devour jobs from road weary baby boomers. There is a lot to be said about mature professionals and sharing moments with them. Young professionals are afforded the opportunity to make a connection with someone who can offer sage advice or who can to take a rough and tough young professional and...

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How To Stay Professionally Relevant While Being A Full Time Parent

To parents, raising children is one of the most important and challenging endeavors in life. However, for those who choose to stay at home to raise their children this endeavor may go from a full-time to a part-time responsibility. Many parents prefer to stay home due to increasing costs of childcare and school shootings. Many parents decide to return to the workforce once their children attend primary school or finally leave the nest...

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Female Professionals: 10 Ways To Undermine and Conquer Your Career

Career Tips For Women: 1. Cannot Break Down Their Focus Women are great multi-taskers. They  believe they can be everything to everybody at all hours of the day never ceasing to understand the greater picture. With this type of thinking and behavior, women can get bogged down by the big picture and reducing focus on individual tasks. This results in sub-par work. TIP: Delegate. Trust and allow others to help you. Do not be afraid...

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ways to stand out at work - Leslie Inc

5 Ways To Stand Out At Work During The Good And Bad Times

In good times and in bad, we are responsible for our careers and the difference we make at work. Don’t let job complacency or the fear of getting fired keep you from improving your career prospects, adding value to your company, and profiting from your work experience. Here are 5 ways to stand out at work: FOCUS ON CREATING SOLUTIONS Don’t dwell on the obvious depressing facts of daily life. Focusing on the negative...

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10 Tips For Blogging Your Way To A New Job

If you're making a career transition or trying to establish yourself for a better, higher ranking job, write a blog. Writing blogs are a great way to develop a greater understanding of your job function, industry, and career as a whole. Having a blog is also a great way for getting some exposure and interest from potential employers. The three main purposes of writing a blog to get a job are as follows: 1....

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illusory superiority - management tips - Leslie Inc

Illusory Superiority in Job Performance

In a 2001 study, 87% of Stanford University MBA students believed their performance was above the median. Only 10% believed they were below average. I have two types of clients. The first type of client comes to me with their own free will. These people are well-educated, generally successful, and motivated. However, these clients know they are lacking in their performance. They are fully aware that they need to step up their game...

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Three Facets of Career Satisfaction

People come to me almost every day asking how they can possibly love their job, achieve emotional and spiritual satisfaction from it, and make (great) money. I have to admit that this was something I had thought about a lot, because even I have asked myself the very same question. There might not be a perfect job out there, but I have observed three facets of career satisfaction: career, profession, and business. 1. CAREER The...

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7 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Expert Career Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Discusses 7 Reason To Quit Your Job 1. Ethical Issues Your company creates products that you don’t believe in or engages in unethical practices that could lead to misrepresent your professional reputation, then it’s time to leave. Life is too short to engage in activities that are against our ethics. 2. No More Challenges You’re not being challenged anymore. Either your management isn’t challenging you or you’re not challenging yourself. If...

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6 Common Entry Level Resume Questions Answered

Expert Career Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Answers 6 Common Entry Level Resume Questions 1. How do I make my entry level resume really represent me without sacrificing my ability to get a job Be honest and true about who you are and be sure of your goals and objectives. State your core competencies (also known as know-how) and core qualities (states of being) in relation to your desired position. 2. I have little professional experience in...

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7 Ways To Stop Worrying About What Others Think

I hear friends, my clients, and sometimes, I hear myself saying the phrase, “I don’t want them to think…” Let’s take the time to address a few points about gossip before we get stressed out by the thoughts of others so we can be better leaders: Don’t Try To Be A Mind Reader Most of the time, people don’t even tell us their deep personal thoughts about us. And, generally, people will tell you if...

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4 Factors To Consider When Relocating For Work

I’ve relocated five times in 3 years from one coast to another to one country to another. There are costs you’ll need to factor in before relocating for work and some sources to help you make your best educated decision. Check out this success story of a Canadian who found a dream job. While you're on the job search path, also consider these factors. Today, we’ll consider four factors: cost of living, average...

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