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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Keep Grounded In Your Values

  You and your spouse most likely have a joint belief system or share similar life values. Do you know what they are and do they take a significant role in your life? Do you help your spouse stay grounded in his/her beliefs and maintain integrity throughout his/her career - not just during difficult times? Neglecting our core values becomes easy when work gets overwhelming. Family, relationships, ethics are just some of the things...

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Keep Your Spouse Motivated

Part six of the Partnership Series - keep your spouse motivated on the job front. If your spouse is unemployed, down and out from a tough rejection, or working on a tough project, you can keep him/her motivated to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Encourage your spouse to take a break from their seemingly endless work. I remember when Franck lost his job in San Diego, he spent hours at...

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Mother Of Two Autistic Children: How Moms Add Value To The Workplace

Mom In The Workplace Can Be A Very Valuable Asset I am a young mother to two small boys, four and two, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The highs and lows make each day a challenge. Having been a stay at home mother for over four years, I have recently began working part time since my boys began attending a special needs school. Being out of the workforce for a few years makes returning to...

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Finding New Appreciation In An Old Job

If you've been one of the lucky who has managed to hold onto your job during the rough-em-tough-em recession this article might be for you. If you've been working at your job for so long that you can do it in your sleep, upside down and backwards, and you want to reinvent and reinvigorate your work then keep reading. Take A Look Back Take a look back and evaluate everything you have learned, accomplished,...

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Freedom To Work

Many married and coupled professionals complain about the lack of freedom they have to explore their career goals because of their relationship. According to U.S. Census Bureau Divorce statistics, 6% in divorces are a result of workaholic-ism. Some spouses feel insecure when their other goes on long business trips or spends extended hours in the office. The insecurity leads to fighting, which in some cases leads to infidelity and divorce. A method...

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Gay Professionals Must Work Longer And Pay More For Retirement According to Study

Study Shows Gay Professionals Face More Difficulties Towards Retirement As I mentioned in a previous post, Google is paying gay, partnered employees more to offset the federal taxes when their partners receive health benefits. An article written by Todd Henneman for Workforce Management reveals the tough financial and legal challenges the LBGT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered) community faces and the gradual policy changes that affect the LBGT partners. A study sponsored by the MetLife...

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Find Freedom Through Financial Planning

Part four of the Partnership Series explores how financial planning affects career planning and marriages in general and how you and your spouse can become committed to creating professional freedom through financial security. Financial problems are just one of the many reasons to blame for divorces, so get serious on planning your finances and ultimately, marital happiness together. Couples are often fooled into believing that since they are earning more, then they can afford...

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career: Roll Through Changing Tides

How do you and your spouse get through troubled times such as unemployment, jobless, under earning, and overworking? Leslie Juvin helps couples get perspective on dealing with tough phases by transforming negative energy into positive focus and actions on the present day. Get through tough transitional phases faster and with more grace....

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career Success: Communicate With Respect

This part two of the Partnership Series explains how your spouse is essential to your career success and gives tips to maximizing the partnership between you and your spouse as you both navigate through your career. Create a healthy relationship and abundant life together through communication and boundary setting....

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How Your Spouse Is Essential To Your Career Success: Believe In Your Spouse

Being married isn't always simple, or easy. Being two working professionals in a marriage makes for interesting career planning. Even if you are (or have) a stay at home wife or husband, you can support your spouse to the fullest. Whether you are single and looking, in a long term relationship, or married and want to create a fulfilling and financially secure life together consider how you can support your spouse in...

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Is No Job Better Than A Lower Paying Job?

A reader recently sent in this question: I was laid off 3 months ago and I haven't been able to land a job. I am running low on cash and my unemployment benefits are running out. Is it better to have no job than to take a low paying job that has little to nothing to do with my most recent job? My first instinct is to ask you how you've been conducting your...

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Life’s Spinning Top And The Balanced Life Myth

I have to be open and honest about my skepticism towards a perfectly balanced life. I have never really understood what it's supposed to mean in the first place. I have always thought of a 'balanced life' as putting relatively balanced, perhaps equal, attention towards personal priorities like family, friends, work, and health. However, upon further inspection, I just don't think being a perfectly balanced person is possible. Consider your life as it...

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Leslie’s Leadership Lesson: Don’t Assume, Ask

Intuitive Life Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Discusses The Dangers of Assumptions I have noticed that people can spend more time worrying about what someone else is thinking rather than trying to meet an objective to accomplish a goal. In fact, I find many of my clients get so hung up on what others  may think that they become immobilized from making the next step. I had a client, Nicole*, who needed to change her work...

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When Depending Too Much On Our Strengths Is A Bad Thing

  When it comes to leadership, there are a lot of folks out there relying  solely on their strengths to lead people. How much of a good thing becomes a bad thing? Furthermore, when were weaknesses such a bad thing? I remember several years ago, a good friend and former boss of mine said, "Knowing my weaknesses is more important than knowing my strengths." That single statement made a difference in the way I...

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