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How To Building Winning Portfolios For Any Job And Industry

When putting together a job portfolio, it’s natural to look at our old work with a groan and say, “What can I possibly do with this mess of information?” no matter what your level, trade and industry may be, anyone can assemble a compelling professional job portfolio that can land you your dream job. Having designed and taught a course on professional marketing material materials to international MBA students at INSEEC Business School...

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Winning Hearts: Behaviors of Memorable And Influential Leaders

How does one pierce the hearts of others and in effect, make themselves memorable and influential leaders? This question has been explored by marketing research companies for decades and debated by some of the world’s greatest philosophers for a millenia. For the sake of time, I’ll make it brief and share the cliff notes of creating unforgettable and special memorable connections. We easily remember the products and people who touch our hearts. For...

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Going The Distance: Positive Attitudes For Conducting Yourself During Business Trips

While business travel has its benefits and disadvantages (I’m sure it’s easy for you to think of a few things we sacrifice) there is always something to be gained from the experiences from being on the road. With basic attitudes towards handling how you take care of business either domestically or abroad, you can go the distance for your career and bring the success home....

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Focus: 3 Ways To Go Where Your Eyes Take You

If you’re lucky to have gotten to the point of figuring out what you want to do with your career, now is the time to stand up and ride the mountain. Having taken position, there seems to be a moment in which we second guess ourselves and go, “Oh snap, maybe I wasn’t ready to charge after all!” and that’s when distraction and procrastination start to rear their ugly, unproductive heads. No...

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Conflict Management: Fighting For What’s Right Instead of Fighting To Be Right

Conflict management is often a code word for “dealing with idiots who don’t have a clue”. Unfortunately, we’ve all been guilty of this attitude and it generally bites us in the ass at home and especially at work. My goal in coaching leaders is to get them to see conflict management as more than a buzzword on their resume and a mere formality in leadership training. Conflict management first involves compassion and...

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Moving On Up: A Two Part Succession Plan For Dummies

You just so happen to be next in line for a promotion and it’s your turn to take the torch of responsibility in order to go further than your predecessor. Sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? Believe me, I get you, so take my experience of coaching successors so you can hit the ground running. A lot of people only think of the prestige and the benefits to be gained from...

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When The Cat’s Away: What Can Be Learned About Team Dynamics Upon Returning From Vacation

Team Dynamics After Time Off So, we went on a much needed vacation and got a little R&R. Now that we’re relaxed, recuperated, and hopefully got a healthy glow, it’s time to get our heads screwed on straight and put our noses back on to the grindstone. The great part about vacations is that we get away from it all - especially the people who harsh your vibe. Thinking about going back to work...

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How To Follow Your Own Path Towards Career Advancement

Career Advancement: Now What? Today’s article isn’t going about starting from scratch and clawing your way to the top. It’s about you folks who come to see me, having reached what you thought was the highest you could (or wanted to) go and now wondering to yourselves, “Ok, now what?” If you are a manager, director, or someone who has accomplished a satisfactory level of material or professional success and now need direction to go...

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Listening: The Secret To Making Lasting First Impressions

What Make Memorable First Impressions? When meeting people for the first time in the business world, we tend to think more about what people want from us or what we can get from other people and less of the simple honor to be welcomed into someone else’s mental, emotional, and physical space. And, the excitement of meeting someone and all of the possibilities (positive and negative) associated with that meeting are intimidating making...

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Tapping Into The Wisdom And Opportunities of Multi-Generational Exchange

There isn’t much compassion that goes around when we think of the multi-generational workplace. Compassion means to suffer with and when it comes to the multi-generational workforce, there’s a gap in between the “new school” and the “old school”. This is because we know well the trials and tribulations of our peers, but not that of those who have come before us, let alone those who will come after us. Believe it...

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Job Offers: How To Maximize And Negotiate Them In Your Favor

So, you took up the gauntlet of the job search: you’ve lived the highs and lows, gone through the mental and emotional wringer of networking and interviewing and now you’ve been presented with a job offer. The question is, “What happens now?” Stick with me to find out. Having worked your magic, you’ve managed to manifest your intentions into a new job opportunity. Now that an offer is on the table, most people...

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To The Moon: Shaping Winning Teams And Encouraging Teamwork

How To Encourage Teamwork And Make A Winning Work Team Teams are more than a mere assemblage of people and talent - they’re an ethos that drives direction towards a common goal. Each part, or function, of the team moves and flows in conjunction with the others. An example is the Apollo 11 NASA space shuttle design. The intricate team of designers and engineers with special and unique functions had one mission: get...

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5 Ways To Put The Person In Personal Branding

The phrase “personal branding” has been so overused that it hardly feels personal anymore. Check out five ways to put the person back into personal branding and build more authentic relationships and a meaningful career.   1.    Let It Go And Act Natural No, not that awfully catchy cartoon song. Let go of whatever you think you should be or have to have and allow who you really are shine. Acting natural, believe it or...

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