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What’s The Difference Between Fortune Telling And Intuitive Coaching?

What's the difference between intuitive coaching and seeing a fortune teller? Not sure who to work with? Maybe this post can help you gain a better understanding on the type of service that can bring the most value to your work. Sometimes, all we want is to know. We want to know if everything will be OK, if we'll get that job, and when things will stop being so bad. Fair enough. There...

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Psychic Self Defense: Emotional and Spiritual Protection For Those In The Service Industries

Spiritual Protection While Serving Others After spending time with a demanding, emotional, or just negative client scan your body and mind to see how you feel. Do you feel grumpy? Do you feel fearful? Or, do just feel exhausted and don't want to deal with people anymore? These are signs of energetic transfer. Learn how to set up the appropriate protocols to reducing the influence others have on our emotional and mental states. Every...

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Past Life Regression Case Study: Pirates, Delivering The Goods, And Weathering Life’s Storms

Past Life Case Study: Weathering Life's Storms A regular client came in to see me without a particular goal, except one - to figure out the identify of a "scary" looking man who had haunted his mind since a previous hypnosis session.  I held his hands to tap into his energy and Spirit gave me a sensation in my stomach (which I chose not to verbalize) and took me to the brow chakra,...

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Case Study: Healing Anger And The Inner Child with Hypnosis

As children, while we may not have the higher logical processing capacities to say to ourselves after experiencing a traumatic situation, "Oh wow, I feel others' pain and because of this we need to love and respect each other as we're all connected through it," our little hearts have the capacity to store wisdom through emotions. ...

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Intellectual Alchemy: How To Transform Recurring Situations Into Unique Opportunities

Do you ever find yourself in the same old situations, wondering why on earth something keeps happening to you? What if there’s a way to go from living the “same old, same old” Ground Hog’s Day experience to a new adventure each day? With a little mental strength, everyday conflicts can go from the same s&%#, different day to magical moments.   Repetitive Madness Imagine yourself sitting around a table, listening to everyone speak in...

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Let Your Body Talk: Developing And Mastering Fluency In Nonverbal Communication

Body language is more than simply attracting the opposite sex. After all, there is more to life and social interactions than doing the nasty. What if I told you that there is more to body language than meets the mind’s eye? What if we’re attracting and repelling career and business opportunities without even knowing it? That, with a flick of a wrist, a sigh, a turn of the head, or an eye...

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