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Super Moon in Gemini: Releasing Old Patterns For New Opportunity

The Super moon is in Gemini. An ominous event? Maybe, if you're not ready to release old habits.   The energy that brings new possibilities is in full and that energy will not sync with the old patterns. It's like putting high voltage to what normally requires AAA batteries. The input will short circuit the old pathways.   If you are like some of my clients who are experiencing emotional break down right now, know that you are not...

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How To Build Self-Worth And Live The Best Possible Life Today

Self-worth affects so many areas of our lives: business, romantic lives, family, financial.   Without a healthy sense of self-worth, one cannot allow themselves to find peace and enjoy the abundance that life and love has to offer.   I have seen clients break through financial meltdowns after working exclusively on building self-worth. I have seen people come out to live authentic and awesome lives after breaking free from the chains of guilt and shame.   Your worth is not dependent on the feelings and...

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Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation Presented by John Van Auken

John Van Auken Presents Edgar Cayce's Theories on Reincarnation Intrigued by Edgar Cayce's readings and his natural gifts, I have been studying his work for the better part of ten years. Introduced to this great spiritual leader's work in high school - in marine biology class on the subject of Atlantis and shifting tectonic plates - the mysterious ways in which he received information from "beyond" was always a mystery. Until I realized...

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9 Spirit Medium Tips For A Great Session

Spirit Medium Can Be A Rewarding Experience What is it like to work with a spirit medium? Find out 9 ways to make the best of an intuitive life coaching session. 1. Spirit mediums are not the artist; we are the paints and brushes Spirit mediums are just that: mediums. When Spirit or loved ones come through - much like an electric current - the neurons in my brain light up and operate the communication...

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Fame & Fortune Aren’t The Answer

Fame And Fortune Aren't The Answer to Happiness I've been coaching for 8 years now and through all the years I have witnessed many personal and professional journeys unfold. I coach by, most standards, "rich" people and "famous" people and I coach "regular", lower income and middle class people. Seeing people of all walks of life, I can say that we're all the same. Everybody experiences the same kinds of issues. Money and...

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What’s The Difference Between Fortune Telling And Intuitive Coaching?

What's the difference between intuitive coaching and seeing a fortune teller? Not sure who to work with? Maybe this post can help you gain a better understanding on the type of service that can bring the most value to your work. Sometimes, all we want is to know. We want to know if everything will be OK, if we'll get that job, and when things will stop being so bad. Fair enough. There...

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Psychic Self Defense: Emotional and Spiritual Protection For Those In The Service Industries

Spiritual Protection While Serving Others After spending time with a demanding, emotional, or just negative client scan your body and mind to see how you feel. Do you feel grumpy? Do you feel fearful? Or, do just feel exhausted and don't want to deal with people anymore? These are signs of energetic transfer. Learn how to set up the appropriate protocols to reducing the influence others have on our emotional and mental states. Every...

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