Why Lazy Days Are The Most Emotionally Fulfilling [VIDEO]

Lazy days are the most emotionally fulfilling because they invite us to slow down and savor life when life gets overwhelming. On lazy days we permit ourselves to drink our tea a little slower, pet our cat a little longer, and play with our kids without rushing to the next task. It's days of self-afforded emotionally fulfilling time luxury that we file away our to-do lists, worries, and momentary burdens for a clear,...

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Why Helping You Find Happiness Is My Business

While Leslie Inc's executive coaching service structure has changed, our core brand value of helping you find happiness remains unchanged. Now, more than ever, helping you find happiness is our mission. You may be a client that recently visited the Leslie Inc. website to book an intuitive life coaching session with me but have instead found yourself unable to get one. Leslie Inc service changes have raised questions and concerns about how you...

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4 Steps To Happiness

4 Steps To Finding Happiness And Overcome Anxiety

Taking the steps to finding happiness are simple, but are often obscured by crippling anxiety. Anxiety is a menace to mental health of leaders because if you're stressing about the future, then you can't be present for the now. Anxiety steals the opportunities of the moment and plagues the mind with unwanted thoughts and even scary ones. Anxiety is a killer of dreams, because when we look towards the future, we see doom and...

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Emotional Freedom Technique- Leslie Inc

Can Happiness Be Found With The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)? [VIDEO]

Struggling with change? Release the blocks with Emotional Freedom Technique Sometimes in life, we find ourselves overwhelmed with anxiety and worrying thoughts. Emotional stress can overwhelm our bodies and become so distracting that we can't make it through the day. It's time to take back your mind and body with a simple technique that is so powerful it can cure phobias. I know EFT cured my driving phobia. What is EFT (Tapping)? Emotional Freedom Technique, also known...

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Psychic Reading- Past Life

What Role Do Psychic Readings Play In Guidance Sessions?

Leslie Juvin-Acker is an energy reader- Find out how Leslie perceives energetic information during a psychic reading Guidance Sessions allow Leslie, a psychic medium, to reveal, remove, and replace patterns located in our past lives, childhoods, and traumatic life experiences. Discover how revealing psychic information can help transform your life. Who Were You In A Past Life? What do past lives have to do with present life issues? During a Guidance Session, it is common for...

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Leslie Inc’s Resident Nerdcock Is Deaf & Blind

Who And What Is Nerdcock?   Who is Josh Simpson? Why is he so important to your spiritual and emotional journey? What is his role in the Foresee Oracle App? And more importantly, what does nerdcock mean? Join us for this episode of Everyday Spirituality and meet Josh for yourself. Discover how Josh and Leslie Juvin-Acker met, explore why their friendship indirectly, yet powerfully, influences your experience at Leslie Inc and at LJAcoaching.com. Did you know...

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rise-above-critics- Leslie Inc

6 Powerful Ways To Overcoming Criticism [VIDEO]

My Story of Overcoming Criticism As a coach with a strong intuition, I am no stranger to criticism. Criticism happens because of my unique way of helping people heal themselves. Not everyone is going to agree with my methodologies, philosophies and perspectives. Some people don’t believe that there is life after death, in the ability to see the energy around people, and some people don’t believe in the vastness and infiniteness of spirit....

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life lessons from heaven

5 Urgent & Beautiful Life Lessons From Heaven

5 Important Life Lessons Your Loved Ones Want You To Know From The Other Side As a psychic medium, I help my clients learn major life lessons. A small portion of my energy reading work involves spirit mediumship. Now, my specialty is not spirit mediumship; meaning my daily work does not involve telling life and death details of my client’s loved ones. When my clients are struggling with serious life issues, their loved...

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Ross Mathews

Remarkable Lifetime and Shocking Secret Love Story of Ross Mathews [VIDEO]

  Hi all, I enjoyed my experience on Straight Talk With Ross Mathews and the gang at their North Hollywood studio yesterday. I drove up from San Diego and was fortunate to be received by my buddy Jesse before the show. We had a wonderful lunch with time to spare to make it through L.A.'s famous stop and go traffic. Makes me grateful for the busy, yet smooth drives in San Diego - whew! I...

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Leslie Inc- Authentic Influence

How To Influence Any Situation [VIDEO]

Want to know how to effortlessly influence any situation? In this video, Leslie Juvin-Acker explains how. Check it out!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKGbbJTSmQk     Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you're ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie's guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc's weekly newsletter....

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connect to spirits- deceased loved ones - Leslie Inc

The #1 Simple Reason Why Mediums Can’t Connect To Spirits

Leslie Juvin-Acker Explains Why You Can't Always Connect To Spirits I was recently asked this very good question, "My loved one came through in a previous session, but now they're not coming through at all. Why is that?" What I have noticed in my practice is that a bereaved loved one will come through to communicate a very personal and important message affirming the love they felt or, making amends, and confirming some things...

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Happy Marriage Advice from Leslie Inc

Restore Your Marriage In 2 Steps [VIDEO]

Happy Marriage Advice From Intuitive Life Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Need some happy marriage advice? After coaching hundred of clients and couples, Leslie lays out two steps to help restore your marriage. Watch it here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgF8I0qmXM8&t=27s     Leslie, Inc. offers solutions for finding happiness through one-on-one coaching, mindful leadership retreats, and digital products. If you're ready to GET HAPPY, check out Leslie's guide packs. For more tips on achieving your state of happiness, sign up for Leslie, Inc's...

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on the right path - Leslie Inc

5 Ways To Know You’re Not On The Right Path [VIDEO]

Intuitive Life Coach Leslie Juvin-Acker Describes 5 Clear Ways To Know You're Not On the Right Path   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNyVcIRSdyY&t=1s Five Ways To Know If You're On The Right Path Have you ever wondered if you're on the right path? Keep yourself on track with these 5 best methods for staying focused.   1. The Right Path is A State of Mind First of all, be true to yourself. Especially stop living in denial because lying to people out of...

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self-talk - Leslie Inc

How What You Say Reveals What You Feel About Yourself

  Did You Know That What You Say Actually Reveals What You Feel About Yourself? Last night, I was relaxing and this very clear thought came into my mind, about all the rhetoric that's out there in the world right now. In the light of all the things that people are saying - some respectful and some very disrespectful and downright hateful  Spirit said to me, "Everything that you have ever thought or said towards someone else is actually something that you have thought,...

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Happy buddha laugh-Leslie Inc.

Belly Laughs: How Laughing Is Good For Your Health

When was the last time you had a deep belly laugh? Who were you with? What did you laugh about?   There are a lot of germs being passed around during the winter time, mostly due to suppressed immune systems. The emotions have a lot to do with physical health. Did you know that laughter decreases stress hormones, boosts immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies? Laughter triggers the release of the body's natural joy chemicals (endorphins) which promotes overall physical...

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