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Leslie Juvin-Acker is a unique Asian American self-help author. A prolific reader and writer since an early age, Leslie has been writing stories, blog posts, news articles, and books for over two decades.

Leslie has won awards and state recognition for her essays and speech writing from the age of 10 years old. Leslie has been blogging since 2006 and wrote original news articles for AllHeadlineNews online press service. From 2014-2017, Leslie contributed career and leadership advice articles as‘s expert contributor and speaker which was distributed to over 100,000 readers.

She grabs attention with a powerful combination of emotion, storytelling, and education to form a trusting bond with her readers. An expert on the subjects of career, spirituality, and emotional intelligence, Leslie educates her readers while taking them on a journey of self-exploration.

Naturally gifted, Leslie is an automatic writer and can write over 25,000 words in a single day.

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Leslie is presently seeking a literary agent and publisher partner to create a publishing platform and product line empire for her line of self-help literature, digital goods, and educational tools. Send your query to hello [at]


The Money Formula – The Money Formula is presently on the market. If you are a literary agent or publisher, inquire about The Money Formula at hello at

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Spiritual Ideals For Leaders is a collection of meditations set to beautiful original graphic illustrations conceptualized by Leslie Juvin-Acker and designed by South African artist Wesley van Eeden.

The meditations are organized within the 4C principles: Consciousness, Creativity, Confidence, and Connectivity and focus on the subjects of career development. The book contains 47 meditations and 47 illustrations. Read the book all at once or use it as a reference for inspiration, reflection, or source of peace.

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In #DRIVE, Leslie Juvin-Acker shares her advice on leadership and career advancement speaking on topics such as management, personal branding, job searching, compensation, and personal development.

As a rare and unique Asian American woman executive coach in the life style and action sports industries, Leslie provides essential perspective on an industry characterized as difficult to enter.

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Leslie shares real life stories, case studies, and advice articles on the Leslie Inc. Happiness Blog.

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To request Leslie to contribute to your publication, send your Media Kit [stating your market and social media following statistics] and formal one-page proposal explaining why a partnership with Leslie Inc. will benefit both parties to the Leslie Inc. Publicist at hello at Your request will be reviewed within 3 business days. All requests go directly to her publicist for consideration, so make your request directly to Kitty Harris.

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