Want To Be Rich? Fall In Love.

Fall In Love To Create Wealth, Health, And Happiness

As the author of The Money Formula, I continue to explore the concept of true wealth and uncover the secret of abundance. Abundance isn’t just a material experience. Abundance can be found in all areas of life.

In my mind, I examine the instances and examples in my life in which we generate wealth and in which we repel it from us. After a period of reflection, the answer came to me through a simple case study in which The Money Formula principles were put to work.

Fall Into Love or Fall Into Loathing

During deep meditation, I asked to be shown a greater understanding of The Money Formula in practical application to be applied during my general business dealings. I came to understand that detaching to the physical activities and outcomes of my business dealings is key. Why? These activties are simply mental activities played out in the physical realm of materiality.

Then, my mind wandered to a friend who came to me in a desperate effort to regain financial independence from a loveless marriage in which her husband was still in love with his ex-wife. Instead of choosing to embrace his new wife and fall in love with the opportunity and second chance at love, he fell into loathing. From an outside perspective, I realized, as explained in The Money Formula principles section, how during the time he married her, thereby cutting off his relationship with his ex-wife, he lost his lucrative job as a general manager for an international accessories brand. Since then, he has remained jobless, relying on savings and rent from his studio property. In turn, he says he has no money to give my friend and intends to give her nothing after their divorce to support her and their young son. Spirit showed me that this was his way to cut off money to her: A subconscious act of passive aggression that not only causes her pain, but further damage in his relationship with his other child from his first marriage. Why? Because, this guy is not the kind of guy who will outwardly say, “There is no way in hell I’m going to give you, a woman I don’t love or care about, child support,” when he actually has the money to do it. But, how convenient that he can’t find a job and really has no money to give her! Quelle chance! as the French say.

I suspect that when a judge steps in, a new relationship between him and the state is formed, and he will magically find a job in which he is forced to pay up what he owes his second wife. As The Money Formula says about money having purpose: purpose will always find a way.

Creating Abundance Through One Simple Act

Spirit showed me that we are creating subconscious relationships all of the time through one simple act. And, this one simple act is what creates happiness and abundance in our loves or misery and poverty.

What is it?

The answer is simple: the act of falling in love.

NO. I don’t mean falling romantically in love with everyone and everything. I don’t mean falling in love with material stuff either like a TV or a car.

Take a moment of pause and think about the act of falling in love with a person or an ideal. Think about the powerful feelings, loving thoughts, and appreciation for a person, place, or experience of having/using a thing. These are powerful emotions and attractive thoughts that generate physical sensations and acts of love.

For example, for San Diego, I have deep feelings of love, admiration, and appreciation for this sunny seaside city. I call it “Heaven on Earth.” As I drive, top down in my convertible, along the coast or backcroads of my city, I am full of loving thoughts and feelings for this town. I tell others how much I love the town and how great the city and its people and opportunities are. I feel a sense of belonging and joy just by being here. My family and I revel in exploring new places and meeting local business owners who make this city great. It’s more than gratitude, it’s the continual exploration of the new, revealing aspects of the object of admiration. It’s finding the beauty in it every day with new eyes.

How Loathing Makes You Broke & Breaks You Down

Loathing, on the other hand, is more than fear alone because we can love and fear something at the same time. Much like how I loved and feared my dad as a child. No, the idea of loathing is dread, resistance, disgust, or displeasure when thinking about something, someone or an event as it is happening. That’s why I say in The Money Formula, that our first thought is everything when it comes to love, money, and attracting abundance. The act of loathing produces negative emotions that then tailspin us into a nosedive of negativity. From there, it’s hard to drag ourselves out as you saw earlier in my example of my friend and her jobless, soon-to-be ex-husband.

Fall In Love For The Long Term

There are people who are constantly looking for new places, people, and things. Because they love the feeling of falling in love… however, these individuals don’t know how to stay in love. Sustaining that feeling of falling in love is not only an art, it’s a craft that we get better and better at. The staying power of sustaining feelings of falling in love is something that reveals maturity, appreciation, and deeper understanding. Simply falling in love in the romantic sense is not enough. It’s the staying power of falling in love over and over and over again that makes love grow in every sense of the word.

I think that’s why it’s easy to fall in love with our children each day. They are constantly growing and changing. There is something to explore and a new facet of them to meet every day. And they see life like that. It’s easy to understand why Jesus said that having the heart of a child brings us quicker to the Kingdom of Heaven, or as I like to think, the Christ Consciousness frame of mind in which unconditional love in perpetual action is the foundation of any happy life.

Loathing pushes love away. It dwindles its power by building resistance inside of us (both on physical energetic levels as displayed by a weakened immune system) and through our heart connections with others and with life. Loathing, in its fundamental form, is resistance. That’s why the Buddhists beg us to let go of resistance and let love (e.g.. life) flow through us in its ever changing, ephemeral forms.

Think about your last relationship that fell apart. Did you spend more time loathing instead of falling in love?

People say, “It’s hard to fall in love when the other person is acting in less than loving ways.”

From a righteous viewpoint, we give ourselves permission to loathe somebody else. However, this attitude is destructive in more ways than one. Instead, try disconnecting from how you feel about the person and fall in love with yourself. Take care of yourself, boost your self-confidence, and gain power to deal with that person in a loving way that affirms yourself and then see what happens.

Fall In Love For Greater Feelings of Abundance

Now, you’re wondering – what does this have to do with abundance and money? Well, as I said earlier in this essay and in The Money Formula, relationships are the foundation for abundance in all forms. When we fall into loathing with a job or a company, we get on a slippery slope of workplace drama and other pitfalls that force us to leave that place. Whereas, if we fall in love with our work and the people we work with, no matter what happens, everything seems to work out just fine.

Listen to your inner conversations. It’s easy to tell if you’re in love or in loathing. We can be tricky and try to pretend to talk about someone else or something else in a “loving way.” Similar to how Southern Belles speak of the misfortune of another while simultaneously saying, “Bless her heart.” I’m guilty of doing that. I realize how useless and destructive this behavior is. It’s time to re-examine our morals and attitudes to determine if we’re spending more time falling in love or more time falling in loathing.

Loathing is not just lamenting of the past, but it’s anticipation of misfortune to come. It’s no wonder that we create more misfortune.

Fall In Love With What You Have & Where You’re At

So, think about that car you’ve got that you’re over. Instead of thinking and saying to yourself, “Ugh, this car is such a piece of junk. It keeps breaking down on me.” Think, “This little car got me where I needed to go and taught me that I actually would love working A/C, an onboard computer so I know when it needs maintenance, and a sweet sound system.” I remember thinking that in my little 1988 Honda Prelude that had no air conditioning and broke down all of the time how much freedom that car gave my teenage self and how much I love air conditioning on sweltering Florida days. I treated that rusty little car as if it was a luxury sports car, waxing what little paint it had on it leftover from better days in the sun. Over the years, my cars kept getting bigger and better – almost 20 years later, I never let go of that appreciation for a reliable car, the ability to afford maintenance, and the wonder of air conditioning and a sweet sound system. To me, that’s a love that lasts.

So, take today to spend reflecting on what it’s like to fall in love and loathing. It’s easy to tell the difference if you give this activity some time to sink in. Falling in love is a powerful force. It’s expansive, it opens doors where there seems to be no way, it awakens our minds to potentials and possibilities. Please, let me know how falling in love makes your life richer in every day in the comments.

Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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