What To Do When You Worry About The Future

Do you worry about the future? On this episode of the State of Happiness our VP of development, Ana Gomez and I sit down during a live feed to discuss the fear and worry of the future. We share our stories and our solutions for overcoming fear and worry of the future.

Do you worry about the future? I know I do sometimes. And that’s okay. Because we’re here living in the present and there’s so many moving parts to our lives that thinking about the future is a normal part of being an entrepreneur, a business owner, because we’re planning ahead, the downside of planning ahead though, is that we don’t know what’s going to happen and we don’t we don’t know what our life’s gonna be like, for better or for worse. So there is some anxiety when we’re thinking about the future.

Future worry about where I’m going, where I’m headed, how this will turn out, you know, you have this idea in your head of what you want to accomplish. And a lot of times you’re just chugging away grabbing those little pieces and talking to people and putting them together to create a beautiful product or service. Because of that,  we worry about the future and work all the time. Questions like, “Will it be successful?” “Will people show up?”, “Will we be able to spread our message correctly?, “Will people resonate with what we’re doing?” “Will we get that support, you know, and what will that lead to?” Entrepreneurs are always thinking about those things and try to manage how they feel.

Being a Happy Camper, especially in the Leslie Inc world, it’s okay to admit that you’re worried. It’s okay to admit that you’re anxious and it’s okay to feel stressed especially when you’re a business owner. And there are things that you want to achieve and you need to make money while doing them. Supporting your family and scaling your business and all of these other aspects of being an entrepreneur or as or a manager or a leader. So that’s, that’s perfectly fine. But to not take care of the stress and the anxiety as you’re planning and doing the things that you need to do – that becomes neglect. As I’ve said in The Money Formula book is that neglect is destructive.

How Do You Stop Worry About The Future

So how do you take care of yourself? What skills have you learned along this way to mitigate that stress of worry about the future.

A Summary of Our Team Recommendations:

Using Happiness Resources

Ana: See, I have to say, being a Happy Camper and being part of the happy can’t be community. What I love is that the resources we provide, right? So if I ever need inspiration or a refresher, I honestly go to the Happiness Blog and the podcast because sometimes just hearing repeat of (for example) what Michelle Dexter taught us or something that Dr. Blum taught us, or just hearing, Pam, the stories that they have. It helps me feel good. And it just reminds me and refreshes me that ‘Yes, it’s okay to have these skills and knowledge of and you can work through.’ Yeah, move forward. And know you’re not alone. Yeah, and I think that’s a great asset that we provide for everyone.

When I’m stressing about the future, I just feel that anxious feeling of like, Oh, I’m working so hard. What is this going to lead up to? Now one of the first things I do is I do what you always say which is calm the physical first get to that calm state. So I’ll do breathing usually in my car before meeting. And I do a little bit of meditation.

The Happiness Decks App

Leslie: There’s the Happiness Decks app

Ana: That’s something that I do like when I’m like, I wonder what the Universe wants me to do. I just play with it. So definitely.

Connecting with experts and resources

And even the people who’ve been on our podcast before the experts that I brought on my friends on there’s always someone that you can turn to and that there’s there’s always a resource. You’re never alone and if you find yourself alone go reach for the Happiness blog or get the Happiness Decks app. Because we’re so worried and stressed about the future and we get caught up in that feeling. Worry and fears becomes physical pain. So when we introduce new ideas, new perspective, that it breaks that physical disruption that we’re experiencing, that for me, especially manifests as physical pain and discomfort, so definitely check this out. We have a lot of resources in terms of feeling good and feeling better.

Tapping Into Dreams

When I feel really blocked, I ask before falling asleep “God, what you do want me to know?” and then, I let the dream reveal my subconscious feelings and thoughts to me. And, sometimes, higher plans of consciousness will reveal themselves to me and give me fresh ideas.

Do you worry about the future? Tell us your tips for reducing worry when thinking about the future.

Photo by Ricardo Mancía on Unsplash

Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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