Leslie Juvin-Acker How To Respond To Negative Emotion In A Positive Way

How To Respond To Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way

Hello Happy Campers! We welcome both Drs Michelle Dexter and Alan Blum at the Leslie Inc office to share how to respond to negative emotions in a healthy way.

They say that emotional wellness isn’t about avoiding negativity in our life, but having an appropriate level of negative emotions. During this live interview you’ll find out how to respond to negative emotions in a healthy way and how Ana was able to release a bad memory affecting her work performance in as little as five minutes.

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If you’d like to be a community partner, have me come into your home. And let’s start this conversation and meaningful conversation about taking control of your wealth, your relationship to money and start thinking and feeling good about it once and for all. So with that said, I do have some special guests in my office. Today, we’re going to be inviting you to a very special event coming up in September. We have our guest, Dr. Michelle Dexter and Dr. Alan Blum. You’ve heard them on The State of Happiness podcast on their episodes of having a happy sex life and how to heal yourself without drugs. So come on in. Come on, guys.

How To Respond To Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way

Dr Michelle Dexter and Dr Alan Blum Teach How To Respond To Negative Emotions In A Positive Way

Leslie: So I want to ask you a little bit about emotional wellness, because I know that you have an event coming up. But I want to ask each of you what is emotional wellness?

Dr. Dexter: Well, there’s kind of a misnomer that if you have, you know, lots of anger or lots of shame that that’s a bad thing. But really emotional wellness is being in balance with those things, keeping the appropriate level of anger or shame, for example, because sometimes it’s actually appropriate to be really, really angry.

Leslie: Absolutely, no, that’s true. And a lot of people think that living a happy life means not having any negative emotions whatsoever. But we know that that’s just not true. What do you think Alan?

Dr. Blum: Well, we all have emotional moments. And Michelle and I put together this emotional wellness workshop to be able to deal with some of those emotions. For instance, one of the emotions that I invented was called emotional wellness has it seemed like a good name for the workshop,right?

Leslie: So what does emotional wellness look like in a person? How do they know when they are in balance?

Dr. Dexter: It’s about being able to be neutral, to be able to look at a situation and go, yeah, you know what, that really stinks. And I can accept it, right? Yeah.

Well, there is a quote from the Bible about being in the world, but not of the world. And so basically, you want you can tell when you’re reacting and really unhappy and stuck. Everyone does. But when you can kind of flow with what’s going on, even when things aren’t going your way? Good. That’s emotional wellness.

Leslie: Okay, that’s really good to know. So my question is, is what happens when emotions get trapped? And how do we know when that starting to create havoc in our lives?

Dr. Dexter: Oh, gosh, well, ayurvedic medicine, which came out of India has been around depending on who you ask a few thousand years, probably around 4000 years now. And traditional Chinese medicine again, depending on who you ask, has been around for up to 7000 years. Wow. So you know, I’m thinking that by now, somebody would have noticed if this stuff didn’t work. So what those true traditions teach us is that there’s kind of a personality, if you will, to every single organ. So for example, the liver will typically hold the, the anger and the spleen will hold feelings of Gall. Like how dare you, you know, so those are just a couple of examples of how people can really manifest real health problems because of trapped emotions in their bodies, right?

Leslie: What do you think, Alan?

Dr. Blum: Well, we just need to be able to flow with life. And when things get stuck, we can’t. And I even found as a chiropractor fact, I had a patient justice we who have a stuck emotion it in back, I kept trying to adjust the vertebra and it wasn’t really adjust, I get it and then it was still be out a few moments later, when I did some more muscle testing, I found that there was an emotion trapped in that particular level of his neck. And so I ran a correction on it. I think it was actually emotional wellness doesn’t matter, whatever the emotional correction was, but once I fix that, it did correct.

Leslie: You know, that’s so interesting, guys is that we try to self medicate. We try to use pills or alcohol, or get massages or even exercise. But we find that we keep experiencing the same types of illness or injuries. And it’s interesting to develop emotional wellness and emotional intelligence, how we can stop this patterns and keep growing instead of nursing old wounds. Yeah, literally and figuratively.

Dr. Dexter: Yes, actually. Yes.

Leslie: Yes. So tell us a little bit about the science of emotional wellness, from your perspective, and how does that work for you?

Dr. Dexter: Well, it’s really interesting, because when we look at these certain points on the body, particularly, there’s, um, five that are important on the forehead. But I’m only going to mention two, and there’s one right here and one right here. So you can simply hold them just by holding your hand across your forehead. And those are considered the emotional release points. So like I said, in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, they understand that this, you know, actually is, you know, kind of like an invisible button, if you will, it’s the emotional release button. It’s kind of like when we do this all natural stress relief pose that people go into. It’s like, you know, they have this instinct about, like, God, I gotta get rid of some of its excess emotion.

Dr. Blum: Well, I agree. And I want to commend up the Dexter because she’s got something like 28 different full techniques on her menu to clear a lot of these emotions. She’s not going to teach all of those workshop, but But the thing is, is when I teach the actual technique of emotional wellness, one of the holding points is this right. And basically, I’m going to be giving a few different techniques that I innovated or invented to release some of the emotional tensions and Dr. Dexter is going to teach a, from her viewpoint, it was an insight on neuro emotional technique to do an easy way of doing that technique to release the emotions like and help me if I stop fear, worry, embarrassment. And, and these techniques that we’re going to teach are incredibly easy to do. So anyone can learn them in a matter of minutes.

Want to learn techniques to clear negative emotions? Get Tickets To The Emotional Wellness Workshop with Drs Alan Blum and Michelle Dexter. Register Now. Or, Call Dr. Alan Blum: (858) 263-7716 

Live Video: How To Respond To Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way

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