Mood and Money: How Unhappiness Is An Expensive Habit

Mood and Money: How Unhappiness Is An Expensive Habit

Are you in control of your mood and money? Discover startling statistics about Americans and their relationship to money. And, find out how you can change your relationship with money.

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In This Episode: Take Control of Your Mood And Money

  • Leslie and Ana recap “The Summer of Love” and all their interactions with July’s guests.
  • Mood and money – Leslie shares shocking statistics that reveals America’s relationship with money.
  • Leslie reveals how she got revenge on her husband for how he made her feel about money.
  • How Leslie survived as college student paying her way through college.
  • How we can start feeling good about money and make money our friend.
  • Discover August’s guests for the month of “Abundance”.

What Leslie Inc. Services Goes Best With This Episode

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What’s Your Money Formula?

What’s the first thing you think when you hear the word money?

Did you know that this first thought sets a subconscious pattern rooted in childhood that can either set us up for financial success or failure?

There is a way to change your relationship to the word money and every other word in the financial dictionary.

7 steps and 15 minutes or less. It’s true and it works! Discover The Money Formula book by Leslie Juvin-Acker.


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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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