How To Heal Your Body In An Instant Without Drugs

Love Your Body During The Summer of Love

Yes! You can love your body! The Summer of Love is all about exploring love and all the ways to express it. On this episode Dr Alan Blum shares his tips for improving your health, energy, and vitality. If you are a busy professional and parent who can’t afford to break down, you definitely do not want to miss this!

During This Episode of The State of Happiness Podcast, Discover

  • How Dr Blum was an answer to Leslie’s prayers and became her doctor.
  • The painful reason why Dr Blum became a chiropractor and energy healer.
  • Why Dr Blum uses energy healing techniques to correct pain and low energy problems
  • What you can do to stop feeling like a prisoner of your own body.
  • How to find out what foods and supplements make you sick.

Love Your Body With Dr. Alan Blum

Alan M. Blum grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He has a gift for finding the corrections needed to correct structural problems, physiological problems, emotional issues, allergies and more. He has been a practicing chiropractor in San Diego for 38 years and has been studying kinesiological muscle testing techniques for 33 years. He has invented or innovated several groundbreaking kinesiological muscle testing techniques and has taught many of those techniques at the TBM Research Seminars.

Dr. Blum is a national speaker and has taught his innovative techniques at the Total Body Modification Research Seminars. He practices in San Diego and treats patients in Chiropractic and many different energy healing techniques including; Total Body Modification (TBM) Natural Healing Technique, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro Emotional Technique, NeuroConnecting Technique and several techniques of his own invention. Dr. Blum was mentored by Dr. Victor Frank, D.C. one of the founders of TBM, and worked with Dr. Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrics Energetics.

Dr. Blum’s greatest joy is helping to heal people.  He is passionate about his work because, due to severe stress, he developed severe chronic fatigue. He found that chiropractic helped, but he was not getting better! He spent years looking for solutions and created some groundbreaking techniques to heal others and teach them how to have more energy.

Meet With Doctor Blum For Free

I am in practice in Clairemont in San Diego and for your local listeners I will offer to those who are local one visit to the office for $25.00 in which we will do a through exam, and you Leslie and your husband Franck told me that you have never had such a thorough exam with some treatment immediately after, worth $200.00 or more. However if in the exam I find that it is unsafe to adjust a specific area I will either correct it energetically or avoid it all together. Honestly I don’t remember the last time this occurred. For those of  who are not local I will offer a free 10 or 15 minute Distance Healing session. And I am saving the best for last.

Those of you who suffer from CFS, AD, or FM I am offering a free Triple Your Energy Breakthrough Session this is a phone conversation. This conversation is only for those of you who suffer from these problems. It usually takes about an hour. In it we will discuss where you are. What your goals are and if you are a good candidate for the Triple your Energy Program. I have found that people with these problems require constant follow up and my coaching is worth $500.00 per hour. But this program will allow you to fix these problems for yourself. Again this conversation is free and at not charge and is without obligation.  Leslie I know we need to have this conversation, and we will when you are ready, and we can schedule it. Also I do not know when this will air but let’s give your audience 30 days to take advantage of these offers. If you live outside of San Diego and are interested in the Triple Your Energy Program please do not feel excluded. We might be able to make it work. For all of these offers use the code word Leslie.

I practice in Clairemont, Ca in San Diego at 4241 Jutland Drive, Suite 202, S.D., 92117 office number (858) 263-7716.   I will give you my personal e-mail. please write Triple Your Energy in the e-mail title line

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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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