How This Gay Man Puts “Pride” In His Work

Dangilo Bonilla opens up the “Summer of Love” on The State of Happiness podcast. We’re talking about his journey as a gay professional. I ask Dangilo to take us into his world and how he navigated his way to a successful event producer and entertainer.

Meet Dangilo Bonilla And Discover:

  • The serendipitous way that Dangilo and I met.
  • Why we work on Home Start Inc Blue Ribbon Gala committee together.
  • How Dangilo discovered himself and found his way in the gay community in Ohio thanks to his role model Joe Mineo.
  • What got Dangilo into the night club world and event planning industry.
  • His secrets for success as a gay entertainer and night life professional.
  • How to bring your best self to every job no matter your industry.

Meet Dangilo Bonilla

Dangilo Bonilla is a corporate event planning professional and producer based in San Diego, California. He is also a night life performer and entertainer. He is also the 2019 Chair of the Home Start Inc. Blue Ribbon Gala committee. Reach out to Dangilo on Instagram.

Discover San Diego Pride Parade. Dangilo is producer Hotel Del’s Pride Kickoff Event “Drag Me To The Del”.

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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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