herbs for mental health

Happy Herbs For Mental Health

Herbs For Mental Health

In this episode of The State of Happiness, Gabriel how to use herbs for mental health. Gabriel Donovan is a senior herbalist for Dragon Herbs in Los Angeles and has a masters in acupuncture. I met him at Natural Products Expo West. Gabriel intrigued me with his passion and enthusiasm for natural ways to build health and longevity. Find out how we met and what drew us together.

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we’re sharing the holistic and healthful ways to approach mental health. For Mother’s Day, we will also be honoring mothers in this episode. Gabriel has suggestions for improving antenatal and postpartum health using herbs and acupuncture.

dragon herbs for mental health

Leslie Juvin-Acker and Gabriel Donovan at the Dragon Herbs booth at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. 2018

Why You Should Listen To This Episode

Gabriel Donovan shares a wealth of insight to help you:

  • create a strong body and mind to fulfill your destiny
  • discover how the different energy fields of the body get depleted
  • how mothers can use herbs for mental health and physical well-being
  • how to sleep better and enhance your body’s natural rhythms
  • and more!

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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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