Christmas after death of a loved one

Christmas After The Death of A Loved One

In this podcast, I’m going to tell you two real and remarkable Christmas stories of hope, inspiration in which two couples received messages of love from their loved ones in Heaven from me!

Christmas After The Death of A Loved One

The Holidays and Christmas after the death of a loved one are tough for many each year. Whether you celebrate your loved one with holiday traditions, like some of my clients who set table places to honor their family and friends, or if you just hold them in your heart with loving thoughts, everyone copes and continues on without their unique loved one.

Why You Should Listen To This Podcast

In this podcast, I’m going to give you real Christmas stories that will inspire you to remember your special connection with your loved ones – here and in Heaven.

These stories will reveal how, in many life times, we are connected to our partners, friends, and loved ones. And, how Spirit will use opportunities to connect with you to remind you that they are still around!

Dealing With Grief At Christmas After The Death of A Loved One

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