stop automatic negative thoughts

How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts

Automatic Negative Thoughts Literally Make You Miserable

Do you realize that you’re thinking automatic negative thoughts on a consistent basis? And, did you know that self-critical, self-limiting thoughts are actually making you sick and your life miserable?

We think over 60,000 thoughts a day and most of our thoughts are totally unoriginal and negative!

My husband Franck and I explore the causes of negative thinking. What kind of negative thought patterns exist? And, how to break free from negative thinking and become an original thinker.

Why You Should Listen To This Episode

Most of the thoughts we think are automatic, pre-programmed thoughts that we’ve inherited from our parents and loved ones growing up. We’ve spent our whole lives thinking someone else’s thoughts and living someone else’s life. It’s no wonder that we awaken in physical and emotional pain and anxiety to realize that this isn’t the life we’ve chosen!

Learn the 7 negative types of thought patterns and the 7 steps to break from free automatic negative thought patterns. 

Which Guide Pack Goes With This Episode’s Theme?

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The Star Gazer Guide Pack is a perfect solution for those suffering from uncontrollable automatic negative thoughts. I designed the Star Gazer Guide Pack to help break through anxiety, recognize the patterns and source of negative thinking, and create new patterns for positive, healthy thinking. Take the Happiness Assessment to be absolutely sure this Guide Pack is right for you.


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Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. Since 2008, she has been coaching executives and business leaders all over the world. She is an expert in emotional intelligence and helps professionals tap into their own imagination to find solutions for personal and professional happiness.

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