Elon Musk: Leading With An Open Crown Chakra

How does Elon Musk handle stress and leadership? Who was Musk in a past life? Find out now.

Understanding The Crown Chakra

Each hormonal gland in the body is connected to a specific chakra in the body. Chakras are energy centers that push and pull energy into our being. Because we are energetic beings of microscopic atomic proportions, most people cannot see chakras at work. However, our use of language reveals which chakras we are using in a particular situation.

For example, “Have an open mind” is the crown chakra.

“I have a gut feeling” is the sacral sacra and refers to our psychic senses.

“My heart tells me…” is associated with the heart chakra and thymus gland.

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Elon Musk refers to these chakras and glandular centers in the body.


When can determine what chakra is out of balance by the types of attitudes and mental patterns we hold.

Edgar Cayce referenced the connection between hormonal glands, attitudes, and colors.


When asked about management, Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter the crown chakra meditation.

The Crown Chakra Meditation Elon Musk Uses To Expand His Mind

Elon Musk’s Guide Packs

Youtube Link to Musk’s presentation on his SpaceX ambition and his guide packs.

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