Why You Should Never Put A Deadline on Your Success, Will Sterling

Why Success Doesn’t Need A Deadline

Our guest, Will Sterling, says you should never put a deadline on your success. How to find happiness in your career and make the most of every interview opportunity. Will also talks to us about his podcast The Motivation Report. Will Sterling is also an actor, producer for Straight Talk with Ross Mathews podcast in Hollywood, California.


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Will Sterling is the host of The Motivation Report podcast

Why We Find Ourselves In Unhappy Careers

My Screenwriter Friend’s Hollywood Beginning

I remember when one night, over dinner, I was in Hollywood visiting a friend who is a screen writer (for movies you have probably seen). We were talking about his first efforts to pursue his dream of working in Hollywood and following his heart’s desires. In the beginning, unemployed and quickly running out of money he set a deadline to his success. He said, if he ran out of money, he would go back home and try another avenue.


But, deep in his heart, he knew he wanted to stay in Los Angeles and make a career for himself in screen writing. No matter what, he was determined to “make it” and decided he was going to stick it out by working in the film industry – no matter what. By strange order of events, I had reached out to him to see if we could meet up when I was in town for business and he said he felt instantly inspired and more determined than ever. Then, a couple of days later, he received two job offers in one day: one in a movie theater and another to write a screenplay for a director.  You can guess which job he took!


About The Motivation Report

Will Sterling and I met when I was on Ross Mathew‘s Past Lives podcast Straight Talk with Ross. A producer for Ross’ podcast, Will talks to us about how he evolved professionally while working on Straight Talk with Ross and how he decided to create his own podcast, The Motivation Report.


From The Motivation Report Website:

A bi-weekly podcast produced, written, and read by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to celebrity interviews, variety shows, and audio dramas, William Sterling keeps you on your toes. But you’ll always be left feeling uplifted.

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Do You Put A Deadline On Your Success?

Do you believe you should put a deadline to success? When was the last time you put a deadline to your success? Did it make you happy or unhappy? Did you achieve a feeling of satisfaction in your career by that deadline?

Let us know in the comments your experience and share this podcast with a friend who could use more happiness in their career.


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